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Thursday's update

The sun shone on Swanage again today and the group enjoyed a walk around the town meeting all sorts of people  - from old ladies to Vikings -  so that they could learn about the history of Swanage.  They enjoyed lunch on the beach and had time to build castles, dig holes and paddle in the sea.  In the afternoon they went crabbing, catching about 8 really big ones.  They have a final session of swimming and then a camp fire left to enjoy tonight before heading back to school in the morning. 

Home journey was very exciting today.  We went to Sedgehill in the morning and worked in the music department.  We sang into microphones and listened to some of their talented singers.  We then worked on the computer to produce a backing track.  Mrs Lawson is hoping to use it for dance!  We then played football with some of the sixth form.  We learnt some key skills and then finished with a penalty shoot out!  The afternoon was spent writing thank you letters to Sedgehill and helping out with the infants.