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TT Rock Stars

Please make sure you are logging on to TT Rock Stars to practise your times tables.  Your log in details are the same as last lockdown.  If you need them resent to you let me know via the class email or Purple Mash and I will send them to you.

Live Meetings On Teams


I have scheduled another live session for tomorrow (15.01.21) at 1 pm.  Today we had 23  participants and were joined by the children in school.  It was great.  We would love to see everyone tomorrow, if possible.  blush


I have scheduled another live session for tomorrow (14th Jan) at 11:00 am. Today, there were 17 participants, including Mrs Darnell and Ms Bond.  You should all have been sent an invite.  Fingers crossed you can all see it this time. 

I hope more of you are able to log in tomorrow. 

Look forward to seeing you all.


I  have scheduled a short meeting on Microsoft Teams for tomorrow at 11:30 am to 12:00 pm, just to say hello and for a quick catch up.  It  would be  great to talk to as many of  you as possible.  Please log in to Microsoft Teams to see whether you have received the invitation.  I look forward to seeing and speaking to you tomorrow (Wed 13th Jan).

13.01.21 Big Maths Challenges

Well done to those children who have completed their maths challenges today: Nathan and O'Daine.laughyes

There are still 16 of you who have not yet completed them.  Come on and  get them done.  We want to keep our place as the champions!!smiley


12.02.21 - Big Maths


Well done to the children who have completed their Big Maths today: Kimiya, Anjola and Jessielaughyes.


11.01.21 Big Maths.


Well done to those children who already completed their Big Maths so far this week: Momusu, Jessie, Bailor, Monique, Ibrahim, Marley, Reion, Sonny, Janiece, Leonie, Tommy and Imranlaughyes.

Virtual Junior Citizenship Event


Please do not forget to join the Virtual Junior Citizenship event on Tuesday morning (12th Jan) at 9:30 -11:00.  The link has been emailed to your parents.  Hope you can all access it.

Look forward to hearing what you thought about it and what you learnt from it.

11.01.21 Big Maths.


Well done to those children who completed their Big Maths today: Bailor, Monique, Ibrahim, Marley, Reion, Sonny, Janiece, Leonie, Tommy and Imran.

BIG MATHS 08.01.21


Well done to these children who completed their Big Maths today: Enzo, Mary, Isaiah, Momusu, Idara and Zahra.








Do you like to sing? Lewisham Zoooom Choirs are offering FREE singing sessions from next Friday 4.30pm. If you are interested you need to register on:-

For more information have a look at the following poster!


BIG MATHS 07.01.21


Well done to the following children who completed their Big Maths today: Camron, Leona, Monique, Marley, Abdallah, Reion, Anjola and Imran. Remember you must complete it by tomorrow so I can announce who has been promoted.



Good morning Mahogany Class,


We hope you are all okay during this current lockdown and are staying safe.


Apologies for the late notification, but TODAY (7.01.21) LitFilmFest are putting on a meet an author session online for children to join. 


This will be live at 10:30am this morning with Claire Fayers, author of Storm Hound! Her book mixes NORSE MYTHOLOGY with WELSH LEGENDS... sounds bonkers.


You can watch live at 10.30 am TODAY! Just use the link below. There's a giveaway too!


We hope as many children as possible can join in live. 


Hope you enjoy it.

WIN a copy of Storm Hound | LitFilmFest Classrooms

In this episode of LitFilmFest Live, Tim talks to Claire Fayres about mixing Norse Mythology with Welsh Legends. Like, share or comment on this post for your...



Good morning Mahogany. I hope you are all well? I would like to say well done to those children who have already completed their Big Maths yesterday. These are Bailor, Chloe, Ibrahim, Malique, Sonny, Janiece, Leonie, Tommy and O'Daine.

Remember if you have any concerns or worries please email me on our class webpage. Meanwhile, have a lovely day.



Good morning lovely Mahogany. I hope you have had a restful and safe holiday? Unfortunately, you are not back with us at school for now so we have to go back to online learning to continue your education. Please check our class page everyday for activities and messages.


It is extremely important that you complete work that has been set and I will be checking on your progress daily. You will have received information about Microsoft Teams which is a new platform for setting work. I will talk to you about this in more detail soon and I will be sending each of your login details as soon as possible. When you receive these and instructions on how to log on, there is work set there for you. 

  • This includes 4 days of English (Short Stories) and a PowerPoint of short daily reading comprehensions. 
  • Maths - Daily Maths activities on PowerPoint.
  • Art Activity 

You should be able to write on the activities so you do not need to print them out and I will also be able to mark these and send you feedback.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this with the Art activity so when you have completed this, please take a picture and send it to me.


Meanwhile please use check out the work on our class page  (see yellow star below). Try and keep to a normal school day - if possible. Any problems or questions please let me know by contacting me on our class email.


Happy New Year and I hope you and your family had a safe and Happy Christmas!


As you are aware Elfrida Primary School will be closed for the majority of children for the next two weeks! As before we will be ensuring that our children continue their education during this time. You will have received an email asking if your child has access to the internet or whether they will require a home learning pack - please let us have this information as soon as possible. 


If you have any concerns or would like to speak to me please use the class website


Please be advised that if you have any questions or queries, you can contact Mrs Efrat directly by emailing her at the following email address:

Mahogany Photo Gallery

Look Up

with Dapo Adeola and Nathan Byron


On Tuesday 15th December, The Royal Astronomical Society hosted a reading and drawing Christmas extravaganza via zoom. The children joined author and illustrator Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola for an out-of-this-world event about their amazing picture book Look Up. The children listened to Nathan read the story and then had a chance to ask questions.  Finally, they took part in a drawing session, led by Dapo, where they were taught how to draw Rocket, the main character from Look Up.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and created some fantastic sketches which you can find below.



In this final week before the Christmas break, year 6 have been using multiple tetrahedrons to make their own TetraTREEdron.  This has been inspired by a project being run by Maths on Toast.


The idea is to write messages of hope for the future, reflections of this year, and greetings for the festive season. 


If you would like to have a go at home, follow this link which will take you to the Maths on Toast website where you can find all the information and download a tetrahedron template so you can create your own TetraTREEdron and decorate your home.


Below, are some examples of the children's work and photographs of them at work making them.




Elf Day in Year 6

Monday 14th December was Elf Day in Year 6.  Many of the children came dressed as elves or in red and green.  They participated in different activities throughout the day: maths activity using a pair of compasses to make an aerial view of a snowman; end of 2020 general knowledge quiz; and making a paper ball reindeer.  Below are some photographs of the day.

Mahogany Elves


Introduction to the Circulatory System


This week (beginning 30th November) Year 6 have been introduced to their new science topic, Animals Including Humans.  Their first lesson was to learn about blood and the circulatory system.  As well as learning lots, they had great fun making and drinking blood smoothies!  The four ingredients they used for their blood smoothies each represented a different component of blood:

raspberries for red blood cells, small white marshmallows for white blood cells, sprinkles for platelets and pineapple juice for plasma. 


Rosalind Franklin Fact Files

Rosalind Elsie Franklin was an English chemist and X-ray crystallographer whose work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite.

Mahogany class have been researching information about Rosalind Franklin and have created these lovely fact files.


Anti-bullying Week

During anti-bullying week, Mahogany class created anti-bullying posters.  In Mahogany class, we stand united against bullying.  Everyone is responsible for playing their own part.

Children in Need 

Some of the children in Mahogany class came to school dressed in spots for Children in Need.  Pudsey comic strips and stories were worked on diligently.

Pudsey Comic Strips

Wearing spots for Children in Need

Maths - Finding Equivalent Fractions to Calculate with Them


This week, Year 6 have been finding equivalent fractions by finding common denominators in order to calculate with them (adding and subtracting).  They have had great fun playing with dice and dominos to generate mixed numbers for their calculations.

Self Portraits

In Art, Year 6 have been learning to mix different flesh tones, trying to mix their own skin colours.  They also drew self portraits, using mirrors to make them as self-like as possible through careful observation.


Below are some examples of their work.

Information Texts

This week (week beginning 19.10.20) Year 6 are focusing on information texts in literacy.  They have been looking at non-fiction books and identifying the features of information texts in preparation for writing their own information text about our amazing brains.



Tales From Africa - The Cheetah's Whisker

As part of our diversity curriculum, in Mahogany class children will be choosing a story to read to the class. We will do our best to get these recorded and put on our class page to share with everyone. This first story was chosen and read by Momusu.

Our Amazing Brain


In science, Year 6 have been learning about their brains.  They are training to become mini neuroscientists!  This has involved them learning the names for the different lobes of the brain in Latin.  Please ask them if they can remember them. 


As well as learning the Latin names, they have been finding out what each lobe is responsible for.  This week (beginning 5th October) they labelled and added information on the the left and right side of a brain and then cut them out to make a hemisphere hat. 


Lots of fun and jokes were shared whilst busily working on their hemisphere hats.  Please ask questions to see what they can remember about our amazing brain. Below are some photographs of them at work and wearing their finished hemisphere hats.

How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson

We have been focusing on this book in literacy.  The children have been learning the features of persuasive language and have created wanted posters and are currently in the process of writing persuasive letters to do with the pros and cons of immortatility. 


Over the past few  weeks, they have been learning about subordinate clauses and subordinate conjunctions.  Ask them what 'I SAW A WABUB' means?  They have also been using rhetorical questions in their writing.  In addition, they learnt a song to help them remember how to use colons and semicolons.  Why don't you see if they can remeber it and how to use the above punctuation marks?


Below, are some of their wanted posters.

What Went Well?

Every Friday, the children will be assessing their learning over the week and identifying for themselves what went well.  They write what they think on a post-it note and this is then displayed in the classroom.  Each week, a selection of these will be posted on our class webpage.

Post it notes for the week beginning 2.11.20

Post-it notes from week beginning 28.09.20

Post-it notes from week beginning 21/9/20

Our Seasonal Greetings Cards - more information to follow shortly...

Science Fun - Lava Lunacy


Mahogany class have made lava lamps and have been learning about hydrophobic materials.  See if they can tell you some of the science behind their lava lamps.

Summer Holiday Homework Gallery



For the time being, we are asking children not to bring in their summer project homework, but to take photographs of their work and to send them to use either via the class email or via Purple Mash.  We will then put them up on the class webpage.  We are looking forward to seeing all their fantastic work.


Home learning Resource

Click the link below for home learning videos

Yr 5/6 gate entrance

Still image for this video
All year 6 pupils will be welcomed into school via the yr 5/6 gate.

Yr 5/6 Walkway

Still image for this video

Yr 6 playground door

Still image for this video

Mahogany Classroom entrance

Still image for this video


Important information for children returning in September:

On Thursday 3rd September the children will be returning to school. They will be welcomed back by their previous and new teacher for year 6 Ms Efrat- Yay!


Mahogany class children are to enter and leave school through the yr 5/6 gates. Children are to line up on Elfrida Crescent. Children will be collected from the gates by their teacher and TA. Parents will not be allowed on site. 

We are encouraging only one parent to drop off and collect their child to reduce large groups occurring outside the school gates.


Start time: 8:45am  Finish time: 3:20pm (2:20 pm on Fridays)


See you in September!

Mrs Efrat and Mrs Darnell are looking forward to welcoming you all to Mahogany Class on 3rd September.  This is what the classroom looks like:

Want to find out more about your teacher ? Click on the link below

Secondary school applications

Parents, you will be able to begin to apply for secondary schools from September 1st 2020. Elfrida will be forwarding further information to you shortly. Please do visit the websites of schools you are interested in and visit: