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Whole school class of art

Year 3 turned themselves into Egyptian kings and queens. They used teabags to make their backing paper look ancient, and added carefully measured crowns decorated in oil pastel to their photos. Don't they look fantastic!

Year 2 topic is Africa, so Magnolia class cleated these wonderful African line art pictures using oil pastels.

After Art week all classes put up fantastic displays about the artist they had studied. The whole school looks amazing!

During diversity week, Magnolia class painted these vibrant self-portraits.

Year 4 came to the art room to paint these beautiful flower close ups in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Year 3 worked really hard collaging this Lubaina Himid inspired figures using fabric and glossy magazines. The results were stunning!

Sycamore class had fun recreating Henri Matisse's cut out 'Vegetables'.

Magnolia class carefully cut out shapes to recreate Matisse's 'Snow flowers'.

Reception did an absolutely brilliant job recreating these yayoi kusama inspired pumpkins.

Year 3 worked so hard on these beautiful paintings inspired by Lubaina Himid

Year 2 use tissue paper to decorate their party hats. Can you see the rainbow?

Year 3 learn about right angels, parallel and perpendicular lines through Mondrian style art.

In Art club we are working on these Picasso inspired guitars.

Year 4 created these fabulous Stonehenge pictures. For their background they made tints and shade of a colour by adding white and black. The stones were painted with ink and water to give a very special effect.

The Art room all set up for another special class.

Year 3 gathered autumn leaves, twigs and stones and then worked to groups to create these nature collages inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Meanwhile in Art Club!

Year 3's finished sculptures!

In Year 2 we practised mixing secondary colours in our sketch books.

Year 3 used charcoal to design their own Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures. You'll be able to check the results in a couple of weeks, so watch this space!

year 3's cauliflower cards are just too cute! What wonderful Christmas cards they will make!

Year 3 are studying British artist Andy Goldsworthy,. They looked at colour, composition and pattern.

Year 3 are learning about the stone age, so we looked at cave paintings before reproducing our own.

Year 2 started the year looking at 2D shapes in art. How many shapes can you see?

Hello everyone! Welcome to another year of fabulous Art at Elfrida!