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Miss Ross - Mulberry Room

Snow is falling.

Polar Lands topic for yr2.

Why not enjoy this true story at home.

Tom Crean's Rabbit By Meredith Hooper & Bert Kitchen

It’s snowing I thought it was an ideal opportunity to read this outside in the bitter, cold snow for added atmosphere, freezing fingers & real snow falling ☃️

Elfrida’s High Frequency Friday Challenge. Let’s Go!

We love High Frequency Words so much!
We have made our own Sing A Read Along Song.
Woo Woo!
Practise through the week, & sing it again on Fridays,
3 Challenges in 1. 🧐

Name:           Miss Ross

Occupation: Specialist Teaching Assistant.

Experience:  A considerable amount of years   31 - 12 = ____ yearssmiley

Targets:        Build children’s confidence & knowledge.

                      Keep children engaged & loving learning.

Please enjoy a lovely story written & illustrated by John Burningham...

A young boy and his dog 🐶, set off on an adventure 🚂  and meet some unusual endangered species 🐅

Oi! Get Off Our Train by author John Burningham

Who wants to get on the night sleeper train and why?
My 1st ever recording for my literacy group😂 Enjoy!

I love phonics so much!

I could not resist making a few videos for you to join in with. 

Keep practising 👍

Also check the Phonics Resource Page in the menu too. 


Phase 2 Phonics Skills

Practise your sounds. Blend them together to read the words. Read phase 2 sentences at the end.
Keep practising and you will be a Phonics Whizz!

CVC Word Building, Sounding Out & Writing

Join me for a lesson, as we look at the letters a, i, m, n, o, p, s & t. We will say the sounds, sound out the word, write it & check it✅
L🧡VE Phonics & Keep Practising!

CVC WORDS Segment & Blend Short Vowel Sounds a, e, i, o, u.

Are you ready to segment & blend CVC words using the short vowel sounds & the consonants?
E.G: 🪲 b u g ➡️ bug.
Will we empty the CVC bag?
How many words can you write for the end challenge?

Swap It Phonics Number 1

Try your phoneme manipulation skills & working memory to make new words.
Can you hear the sound that's needed to change the word?
🧡 phonics! Be a phonics whizz!


Phase 3 Phonics Sounds with 🐝 a Phonics Whizz

Be a Phonics Whizz and sound the flash cards in the garden with the gnomes.
Do you know the difference between a digraph and a trigraph?
Can you say the sounds with me?
💜 Phonics!

Phase 3 Digraph Hunters Challenge. Join in the phonics fun!

L👀K at the words. Can you see any digraphs or trigraphs? Count ✋ how many sounds are in the words & together we can complete the digraph Hunter challenge.


Phase 4 CVCC Words. Segment, Blend & Match The Picture.😉

Are you ready to match the CVCC word to the picture?
Brilliant 🎉
Can you complete the challenge at the end?
L👀k, Say🗣, Cover🤦🏽‍♀️, write ✍🏼

Phase 4 CVCC Words Say it, sound it, write it 🥳

🚸 Help me complete this Phase 4 CVCC word building activity.
Then get ready for the timed 30 second speed write challenges at the end. 😉
💚 Phonics & Keep Practising!