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Friday 26th February - Purim celebrations continue..


After their pastry spent the night in the fridge, this morning, Year 6 made their Oznei Haman (Hebrew) or Hamentaschen (Yiddish).  They rolled out the pastry and used cups to cut out equally sized circles.  The put some chocolate chips or a dollop of jam in the middle of their pastry circles and then carefully pinch the pastry together to make the triangular shape of the Oznei Haman.  After baking in the oven, for a little longer than the recipe stipulated, the Oznei Haman were ready.  Everyone was in agreement, they are delicious!  Year 6 baking skills are improving week on week.

Chag Purim Sameach - Happy Purim


Tonight (25th February), Jews around the world will be celebrating the festival of Purim.  This is a happy, jolly celebration where adults and children dress up and party.  Lots of singing, dancing and having fun.  Every year the story of Esther is read in the synagogue and every time Haman's name is mentioned (he was the Persian King's advisor and wanted all the Jews to be killed) children and adults make lots of noise to try and drown out Haman's name.  They use special noise makers called Ra'ashan (in Hebrew) or Gregger (in Yiddish).  Today, Year 6 made their own ra'ashaneem and used them during the telling of the story of Esther.  Making them and using them was great fun.

Our finished ra'ashaneem

How much noise can we make?

Still image for this video

Thursday 25th February - DT baking day!!


Year 6 have been very busy today.  They have made rainbow pancakes as a late pancake day celebration.  And, in honour of Purim, they have also prepared the sweet pastry for making Hamentaschen or Oznei Haman tomorrow.  The pastry needs to be in the fridge overnight so they will be making the Oznei Haman (Haman's ears) which are triangular shaped pastries filled with jam, fruit or chocolate - yum, yum!!

Below are the photographs of our rainbow pancake fun.

Tuesday 23rd February - Science


Today, Year 6 carried out a short investigation called, Orange Fizz.  This involved tangerines and bicarbonate of soda.  The children discovered what happens when an acid (in this case citric acid in the tangerine) mixes with a base (the bicarbonate of soda).  There is a chemical reaction!  In this case, bubbles of carbon dioxide were released when the citric acid and the bicarbonate of soda mixed which created a fizzing sensation in their mouths.

Acid and Base | Acids, Bases & pH | Video for Kids

Acids and bases are two specific types of chemicals.Whether an element is an acid or base depends on the type of ions present in it. If it has so many hydrog...

Week beginning 22nd Feb - Literacy


So far this week, we have been looking at a poem called, 'Superheroes I Could Have Been'.  Year 6 have been creating their own superheroes and have been performing the poem.  Below are the videos of their performances.  We hope you will enjoy them.

Momusu, Mariatu and Ethan

Superheroes I Could Have Been performance poetry


Superheroes I Could Have Been performance poetry

Poppy and Makayla

The Superheroes I Could Have Been performance poetry

Reion and Gracie

Superheroes I Could Have Been performance poetry

Tommy and Isaiah

Superheroes I Could Have Been - performance poetry.

Poppy, Bailor and Makayla

Superheroes I Could Have Been performance poetry

To celebrate Chinese New Year - Year 6 practised their sewing skills to make traditional red gift envelopes out of felt. They also drew a fiery dragon and signed their names using Chinese letters (can you work out their names)?

Thursday 11th February - To celebrate Chinese New Year - Year 6 made Spring Rolls!

Thursday 4th February - DT Baking Black Bean Brownies


Much to the children's horror, yes, black beans were required in the recipe we used.  They were horrified and were convinced the brownies would be disgusting.  However, they put their trust in us and happily made them.  One group narrowly escaped disaster when they realised they had missed out a vital ingredient: cocoa powder!!!  All groups worked together fantastically.  With all the baking Year 6 have done recently, they will be opening a bakery soon!!

Despite the black beans, these brownies were delicious :-)

Thursday 4th February - Mental Health Week


Today, Year 6 focused on Looking after their selves.  They discussed the importance of looking after a healthy body and a healthy mind and thought about how they could take responsibility for this themselves.  They came up with ideas for things they could do to ensure they get exercise and know how to make themselves feel better when they are feeling down.  


Watch this space for their Looking After Yourself poems coming soon!

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Look after yourself

Still image for this video

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Look after yourself

Still image for this video

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Look after yourself

Still image for this video

Week of 1st to 5th February - Mayan Civilization Writing - Logograms

Week of 1st - 5th February - Mayan Civilization - Gods and Religion

Wednesday 3rd February - PE Dodgeball


Great fun was had running and dodging around the hall.  It's hard work when there are only 4 players on each team and very, very serious business; so much so, that strategy briefings were required.  The children went home sweaty and tired, but happy after such great exercise.

Strategy Briefings

Wednesday 3rd February - PE Dodgeball

Week of 1st - 5th February - Geography - Grand Canyon

Tuesday 2nd February - PSHE Mental Health Week


As it is Mental Health Awareness week, Year 6 have been focusing on mental health and wellbeing.  Each day they are focusing on a slightly different area:  Monday - Wellbeing; Tuesday - Rights and Respect.

Each day there is a song and a dance and a range of activities to follow.

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Rights and respect

Still image for this video

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Rights and respect

Still image for this video

PSHE KS2: Super Mood Movers - Rights and respect

Still image for this video




On Thursday Year 6 made Shortbread biscuits to celebrate Burns Night (Monday 25th January). They enjoyed making these (especially the eating part). They are all becoming very adept bakers!

Thursday 21st Jan - DT Baking


This week's baking activity was making scones.  Some of the children made savoury cheese scones, some fruit scones and some plain scones.  Fun and laughter was had by all.  The 'rubbing' technique they learnt last week was put to excellent use during scone making.  Despite their doubts about the cheese scones, the verdict was unanimous, they were scrumptious!!  In fact, all the different scones turned out very light and fluffy and absolutely delicious, heavenly, lovely and perfect.

PE Live with Joe Wicks Monday 18th January


We have been taking part in the live workouts all week, Mrs Efrat included!

Thursday 14th January 2020 - Design and Technology - Cookery


Year 6 enjoyed making Fruit Crumble today as part of our topic Great British Desserts. They either made Apple or Mixed Berry Crumble. One of the skills they learnt was the 'rubbing in technique' which they all mastered. Fun was had by all and it was unanimous that the crumble tasted amazing!

Year 6 enjoying exercising with Joe Wickes.

Year 6 enjoyed reading the short story 'Butterflies' by Kevin Crossley-Holland.' They designed and coloured in their own butterflies and followed this by making origami ones. .

Butterflies a short story from 'Short' by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Leonie reading 'Butterflies' by Kevin Crossley-Holland