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Support staff


Nursery  support staff

Ms Simmonds, Ms Erdel , Ms Morris and Ms Witter


Reception support staff

Ms Mehmet, Ms Wooldridge and Ms Middleweek


Year 1 support staff

Ms Loomes  and Mrs Ganethsashan


Year 2 support staff

Ms Reynolds , Ms Hamilton, Ms Mansour, Ms Horsewell and Ms Bryne

Ms Ross- Phonics and literacy support R-Yr 2


Year 3 support staff

Ms Gregory and Ms Fossey


Year 4 support staff

Mrs Darnell, Ms Roberts, Ms Beard and Ms Elliott


Year 5 support staff

Mr Levy, Ms Dolphy and Ms Eliott

Sharon Power literacy support (Yr 5-6)


Year 6 support staff

Ms Algar , Ms Corcoran, Ms Gray