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Welcome to Elfrida's Humanities Page



We strive to make children curious about the past and to ask questions about people’s lives through history. Children study key historical figures, thinking about the impact that these people have had on our lives today.  Children also study key moments in the history of Britain and the world, including looking at the history of our local area.  Living in London, we are surrounded by a rich history and trips to different places of significance are encouraged 

We aim to create a culture of curiosity and fascination with the world around us. Children study the local area, looking at the human and physical features around them. They also study a range of other countries, comparing where they live to the other places in the world.

Children develop geographical skills such as map work and data collection through their topic work.

We believe that Humanities need to be ‘experienced’ and organise a number of events to ensure this happen.  Back in time day has proved very popular as well as The United Nations of Elfrida, where children learnt and debated about different countries.   



History skills progression

Geography skills progression