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As part of our 'Once Upon a Time topic' This term we will be learning a range of Traditional tales. We teach the children to learn the stories off by heart so, after a few weeks they learn a variety of story vocabulary to use when making up their own stories and in their writing. Please could you read this week's story 'The Gingerbread man' to your child so they can begin to learn it off by heart. Many thanks, Mrs Baker and Ms Helm

In Reception for homework we ask you to read with your child daily for at least 10 minutes. We ask that they read the small levelled book ( with your support to start) at a time that you think they will learn best (after breakfast or dinner) and you read the big story book to your child at bedtime. After they have read their book please could you encourage your child to draw a picture about what they have read and label their picture in their WOW book. If they cannot write their name yet, please use their wow book to practice writing their name daily. If your child completes their WoW book with good quality entries they could win a book prize at the end of each term. It is proven that the more words your child hears and reads the better they will do in school.