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At Elfrida School we follow 'Essential Letters and Sounds' DFE approved scheme to teach phonics. Phonics is the process that ensures children have the skills to break words into a sound system, building letter and word recognition. Children learn to segment words to help support their spelling ability and to blend sounds together to read words. Once phonics are learnt and children can read fluently, they can then develop other reading skills such as comprehension and acquiring knowledge in order to access the whole curriculum.

It is essential that your child reading every day; by themselves or to an adult. This starts with reading with your child everyday, it could be at bed times or at a quiet time of the day. Ask them questions about the stories they read to develop their skills in comprehension. 


A library of online books can be found on the oxford owl website. Please click on this link and register to access free book.


Happy Reading!



Below there is a term by term plan of how your child will learn their phonics.

High Frequency Words Song Phases 2 to 5

Practise this for a weekly Friday singalong/read. Phase 2 to 5 High Frequency Words. With Elfrida's Fantastic Phonic Crew singing & Woo Wooing. Join in and h...