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Miss Ross - Mulberry Room

Welcome to Miss Ross’ Mulberry room & Soundlandlaugh

Scroll down the page to see pictures, videos, information & activities. 



* Project 34

While part of Yr2 attended Forest School. The remaining 34 children split into 2 rotated groups. Enjoying creative, fun learning projects on Friday mornings indoors or out, with Mrs Reynolds, Miss Horsewell & myself. 

* Soundland Assault Course Children in Need day

* Hello Yellow Day

Our whole school fundraised & made Postive Paper Chains to support Young Minds mental health charity.

* Miss Ross’ Phonics Videos

A little selection of phone made videos made with love in lockdown, for our children to join in with.

* Picture Book Story Videos. 
2 stories recorded to support our 
literacy/topic in Yr2. 
Oi Get Off Our Train & 
Tom Crean’s Rabbit. 

Yr2 project 34 enjoyed practical symmetry sessions outside in Soundland 😉

Yr2 Project 34 practise addition by learning to play Pontoon (21) card game.

Yr2 Handmade Reuse-able Bird Feeders

Soundland is Ready For Children in Need Fun Phonics!

Hello Yellow enjoyment Paper Chains for Young Minds Fundraiser

Take a tour of the children’s Hello Yellow Paper Chains.
They had fun and covered a vast amount of ceiling space with happiness upstairs & downstairs. Thank you!

Thank you all for helping us support Young Minds this year! 😉

Still image for this video

Let’s Go Phonics!

High Frequency Words Phases 2 - 5

High Frequency Friday Challenge. Let’s Go!
We love High Frequency Words so much!
We have made our own Sing A Read Along Video.
Woo Woo!
Practise through the week, & sing it again on Fridays,
3 Challenges in 1 to complete too. 🧐


Phase 2 Phonics Skills

Practise your sounds. Blend them together to read the words. After you can read the phase 2 sentences at the end.Keep practising and you will be a Phonics Whizz!

Phase 2 phonics Part 1 SATPIN. CVC Words to sound, blend & read 😉

Phase 2 Phonics Part 1 CVC words looking at the S A T P I N phonemes.Sounds, blending & reading cvc words.🐝 a Phonics Whizz❗️Love phonics & join in.

CVC Word Building, Sound & Writing

Join me for a lesson, as we look at the letters a, i, m, n, o, p, s & t. We will say the sounds, sound out the word, write the word & check it✅

Swap It Phonics Number 1

Try your phoneme manipulation skills to make new words by swapping sounds in and out of words. Can you hear the sound that's needed to change the word?

CVC WORDS Segmenting & Blending Short Vowel Sounds a, e, i, o, u. 🐝 A Phonics Whizz! ▶️

Join me to segment & blend CVC words using the short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u E.G: 🪲 b u g ➡️ bug. We will go through my CVC bag of objects. Let’s Go!


Phase 3 Phonics Sounds Be 🐝 a phonics whizz!

Phase 3 Phonics sounds with flash cards. 🐝 a Phonics Whizz! Join the Gnomes & I in the garden to practise, digraphs, trigraphs & single letter sounds. Enjoy!

Phase 3 Digraph Hunters Challenge. Join in the phonics fun!

Phase 3 Phonics Challenge.L👀K at the words. Count ✋how many sounds are in the Phase 3 words.Look for single letter, digraphs & trigraphs. Will you find them? Good Luck!


In Phase 4 we are not learning any new sounds (phonemes). 
However we are learning to blend two or three consonants together. (i.e sp, spin or nt, went) which can be tricky and easily missed out when spelling or reading.  They are still individual sounds, you just need to master hearing & saying them, so you do not end up writing...

He wet to the park for a pin on the roundabout.

instead of...

He went to the park for a spin on the roundabout. 

We use all the knowledge we have gained from the sounds in phase 2 & phase 3 to read and write more words.

Phase 4 CVCC Words.😉 Sounding & Blending end consonants

Segment & Blend Phase 4 CVCC words. Help Miss Ross read and match the words to the correct pictures. Sounding them out and reading them together.

Phase 4 CVCC Words Say it, sound it, write it 🥳

🚸 Join in and help me complete this Phase 4 CVCC word building activity by, saying the words, sounding out the letters and writing the words.




Oi! Get Off Our Train by author John Burningham

Oi! Get off our train by John Burningham
Who wants to get on the night sleeper train and why?
My 1st ever recording for my literacy group😂 Enjoy!

Tom Crean's Rabbit By Meredith Hooper & Bert Kitchen

I thought it was an ideal opportunity to read this outside in the bitter, cold snow for added atmosphere, freezing fingers & real snow falling. Enjoy!

The Night Before Christmas poem/story. By Clement Clarke Moore & Pop up by Robert Sabuda

As a young child I always read this on Christmas Eve to my Dad & Mum. Then our sons have in turn read to us. This pop up book is a delightful addition to the flat book I have, and full of treasured memories. Enjoy!