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As part of diversity month, I read the children a book that is written in English and in Turkish. The book is about sharing and is called 'I love to share.' The children also learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Turkish. Merhaba is hello and gule gule is goodbye. If you watch the videos below you will be able to hear the children speak in Turkish and also hear the story being read to them. smiley


Cedar diversity part 1

Cedar diversity story part 2


Recently we have looked at the book 'Aliens Love Underpants.' The children have written letters to the aliens asking for their underpants back! They also worked together to create their own rockets using cardboard boxes. During maths, the children counted out and hung underpants onto a washing line. They had to check if the correct amount was in each bucket and how many more underpants were needed to make the amount specified. The children have also enjoyed making alien masks and taking part in various activities in and outside of the classroom.