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Elfrida Primary School

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The Arts

Welcome to Elfrida's Arts Page

At Elfrida Ms Green leads on the art and D/T teaching and learning.

For up to date goings-on in art, click below to be directed to the art class pagewink


Children have the opportunity to work with a wide range of media and materials to develop their skills and techniques in Art and Design. These include the use of paint, pastel, charcoal, textiles and clay. They are encouraged to express themselves creatively in both 2D and 3D, indoors and outdoors. Children often study the work of famous artists, considering how a piece was made and how it makes them feel. They discuss and evaluate their own work and that of their peers. Children’s art work is valued and displayed prominently throughout the school.  We take part in the National Gallery’s Take one Picture scheme which allows children to study one picture in depth and create a range of pieces of work from it.   Children have taken part in variety of local projects including work with local artists and film makers linked to the redevelopment of The Fellowship Inn.

We are also working with the Bow Arts projects to further develop children’s skills.



We provide the children with a wealth of musical experiences and opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of how music is made. The content of the music curriculum includes using sounds and music to make responses, singing in parts as well as unison, playing a whole array of percussion and other instruments; composition and music appreciation. Music appreciation is very important and children are exposed to a wide range of music from different countries and eras.
In Year 3 all of the children learn to play the recorder and in Year 4 all of the children learn to play the guitar. In Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument with a tutor and play in our brass ensemble.


Design Technology (DT)

Children are encouraged to develop their skills in D.T. through practical tasks and projects. They are invited to find solutions to a range of problems. Children are engaged in their own designing and planning, testing of ideas, and product creations. They discuss, evaluate and amend their products throughout the project, and support each other to improve upon original ideas.




Art skills progression

Music skills progression

DT skills progression