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Pine - Year 2

Teacher: Miss O'Connor

Additional Support: Miss Gregory, Ms Horsewell

This week Pine class went on a great trip to Tiptree farm where we learned all about fruit and how it grows! We did a tractor tour of the farm and saw all the different ways they grow fruit before making it into jam. And of course we had to try the fruit to make sure they were growing it right!

Science week! This week we have been learning about healthy eating! We have done experiments to see which crisp has the most fat by crushing different crisps on paper. We also Used a similar method to test what foods had the most fat ( butter) by seeing the oil stains. To wrap up the week, we did our own healthy baking to prove that whole foods with low fat and sugar are DELICIOUS!

Happy scientist day! We have had a great day learning all about Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and Jane Goodall. Ask us all about it tonight!

Welcome to the new term! Our topic this term is Journeys! We will be looking at many books with magical journeys and adapting the stories to make them our own. We will also be using journeys to look at geographical features and using compasses. We will also look at great journeys in history- where they went and how. In science we will look at food and exercise and healthy living, which we will dive deeper into during our science week. Pine class will be getting 'Olympics ready' in preparation for our sports day at Sedgehill on the 24th May.

Year 2 curriculum letter Summer term

We have been doing some amazing Arctic and Antarctic Art too! Check them out, along with our Antarctic Haikus!

Ahoy there! We had a great time at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, exploring ships similar to the Endurance and Terra Nova (ships that sailed Antarctic expeditions). We got a taste for ship living- fueling the coal engine, fixing holes in the ship, rigging the mast and unloading the ship! We did so much, you can't say we didn't 'seas the day'.

ICE TRAP!!! As part of our 'Polar Lands' topic, we have been reading up on Sir Ernest Shackleton's risky expedition to Antarctica. We couldn't believe his dangerous adventure and it inspired some fantastic writing. Have a read of our diary entries,adverts for ship mates and letters home!

On 7th February 2018 Year 2 parents were invited to a meeting held at 2.45pm to discuss the statutory testing of Year 2 pupils at the end of the year.  These assessments are commonly known as SATs.

If you have any further questions or queries please speak to your child's class teacher, Miss Cartwright or Mrs Marshall and we will be happy to talk to you.


The following presentation was given.


Welcome back! I hope you had a good winter break and a good rest! We have got lots of fun planned for this term with our new topic polar lands. As well as looking at the area of the Arctic and Antarctica, we will be looking at the animals that live there, the climate and explorers who have ventured there. We can't wait to show you all the things we learn!

We tried our hand at making our own winter decorations, using cinnamon flavoured salt dough. Keep your eyes peeled for our finished master pieces!!

Ever wanted know what nighttime in the African Savannah is like?

Watch out David Attenborough

Still image for this video
We have been playing Narrator for some of our favourite Savannah dwelling animal videos! Check us out as we describe their behaviors!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Welcome back, after half term! We hope you had a relaxing break and are ready for another fun packed term!! Our topic this term is Kenya, and we have been looking at the story- Lila and the secret of rain. We have also been learning lots about the country, the people and Swahili. Ask us all about it at home!

We had such a great time exploring the Greenwich Ecology park, pond dipping and meeting all the creatures we share our borough with!

Here is our Curriculum letter, which gives an overview of all the exciting things we will be doing this term!

A very warm welcome to the new Pine Class!!! I hope you have had a fun and relaxing summer, ready for a year full of learning and fun! 

I am very excited for our topic this term- 'We've got the whole world in our hands' where we will be looking at animals and areas that have been affected by climate change, farming and deforestation and what we can do to make a difference and create a more sustainable future! We hope that at home, you can support the ideas and simple tricks we will look at to reduce our carbon footprints!