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Oxford reading owl is a free inline reading programme catered at your child's reading level. To help your child read or listen to books they can follow. Go to...

Username: acaciaowl

Password: read


Please select level 1 for your child's reading levels.




In Phonics the children are now in different phonics groups wokring at their own levels. Some will learn the first sounds, s,a,t,p,i,n; others words with ch,sh,th sounds and others learning the blend words together and beginning to write simple sentences.


Please write other simple words using these sounds from our sound mats you received, and practise them with your child at home.


Can your child read sentences such as: We can see the ship.

Read read read

Your child will be coming home with a reading record which looks like the picture below. There, you can write comments about your child's reading or they can comment on the book and draw pictures of what they enjoyed about the story. 


There will also be things added such as tricky words for you child to practise and number they should practise.

These sounds are taught by your child in Reception and Year 1. Please have a listen and practise with your child. This will help to prepare them for reading.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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