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Welcome to the PTFA!






 Leanne Jones


I have been part of the PTFA for just over 2 years I have recently become treasurer after being a Co-chair last year. I have fully enjoyed my time on the PTFA arranging all the fun event and seeing how much the children enjoy them and seeing the benefits to the school. I have 2 children currently in Elfrida, Matilda in year 5 and Dominic in year 2 they have become really involved in our event and love to help set up and then enjoy it for themselves. Their favourite event so far was the 2019 UV disco which I must admit was one of my favourites.

We also have 7 committee members who help with ideas and arranging events.


Every year we say goodbye to those parents, teachers and families that have supported us over the years and welcome new families just starting out on their school journey.


With school budgets tighter than ever, the PTFA plays a valuable role fundraising for things the school would otherwise struggle to cover. Last year we successfully raised enough to purchase a much needed equipment for the school, but we can only raise money with your help.


We are very welcoming and are happy to welcome any one to join in we also are very happy to have little ones join in the more the merrier. As a small team, we always desperately need volunteers, new ideas, and enthusiastic people to lend a hand. This doesn’t have to be a full time commitment if you only want to do a little in your spare time that would be great. We do not except you to come to all meeting just join in as many as you like, we try to have a meeting at least once a month however nearer events we meet up about once a week.



Here are some comments from our current members on why they joined the PTFA.

“I joined the PTA as I wanted to be more involved with the school. To help the school and PTA grow and to share my ideas and I think it’s is great for my kids to see me supporting their school. Also I wanted to meet people and to become more confident. As well as having the opportunity to give back to Elfrida as they do a great job”


“I joined to make a difference, to make new friends with parents and to be a part of my children’s time at school. I also want to provide fun and everlasting memories even if the events were great or not I want them to remember the fun for years to come. A PTA is only as strong as it’s members we are a open PTA and are always willing for new members and new ideas.


“I joined because I wanted to be able to share my ideas, skills and to help my son’s school. I’ve been volunteering in Bellingham for a number of years and thought that I need to give some time to Elfrida. I love seeing the children happy and enjoying all the events and activities which are well organised.”


We are also looking for new ideas, have you spotted something we should fundraise for? Want to organise a family picnic, Easter egg hunt, or other social event? We are always happy to listen to ideas and support new projects.


Here are some more reasons why you should consider joining us:

The PTA is a fast way to get to know other parents and school staff. Feeling part of a community is a very real human need – and more practically, these friendships create a support network. Chances are there will be opportunities for you to learn new skills, and who knows, you may even discover some hidden talents!


IT WON’T TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE (unless you want it to!) There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer for your PTA. Whether you work full-time, part-time, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, any time you can offer will be welcomed. PTAs are involved in a huge range of activities, all with varying time commitments, so how much or how little you choose to get involved really is up to you.


IT’S GREAT FOR  THE KIDS (even if  they don’t realise it) Studies show there’s a direct link between parental involvement at school and how well children do. When they see us involved in their school and learning, it encourages them to do their best. Being active in a parent group not only improves your child’s school, it makes you an excellent role model.


We all have something to offer It doesn’t matter how many children you have, how old you are, or what your background is; the skills that PTAs need are so diverse, everyone has something to offer. Of course, if you have book-keeping experience you could be a future treasurer, and anyone showing a creative flair might be asked to design a poster or two - but the most important skills you can bring to your PTA are enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in.


We don’t just fundraise, Elfrida PTFA also organise social events and fun activities for the children that help make our school a community.



Get involved:

Facebook Page (Elfrida School PTFA) – follow updates on upcoming events

Facebook Group Elfrida School PTFA Group  - look in our group, post suggestions, take polls and join discussions about what we should do next.

WhatsApp Volunteer GroupNot on Facebook? leave your name, phone number and child’s name/class (so we make sure you are a parent!) at the reception desk and we will add you to our WhatsApp volunteer group.

Email us:

Come to our events throughout the year and say hello!

We have big plans for our return and would love to see lots of you involved.

Together we can make our school better for our Children!