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Sequoia - Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Leaflet

Welcome to the Summer Term. Year 5 have been extremely busy already this term. We have had our assembly and been on two trips. One to The British Museum and the Shivan Hindu Temple in Lewisham. Photographs to be added soon.

Book Week - Sequoia class really enjoyed book week. We focused on David Walliams and his wonderful book Ratburger. The main character is a a young girl called Zoe, whose father worked in an ice cream factory. Zoe loved this because her father would bring home different flavoured ice creams for her to try. She had her favourites which did not include Snail and Broccoli flavoured ice cream! The children designed their own ice creams with the proviso that it included one weird ingredient! We had some fantastic inventions including Strawberry and Snail Surprise, Sweet Cone, The Spicy Sensation and Mushroom-O-Tastic to name a few. The children then designed persuasive posters for their ice creams. The result was amazing! Their posters included slogans, comparatives and superlatives, quotes, rhetorical questions, imperatives and the benefits of eating their ice cream! We also made felt burgers. Girls and boys were quite happy to sew their burger ingredients together. I am sure you'll agree the results look fantastic. Good enougn to eat!

Year 5 have been given a unique opportunity to write letters to children in a school in Gambia. This is thanks to Miss Cartwright who travelled there last Christmas. The children will have their own penpal and will hopefully exchange lots of letters in the future. The Year 5's are really excited about the prospect of finding out about the children in Gambia especially comparing the differences and similarities. They wrote a letter introducing themselves and sharing their interests and hobbies. Additionally, they included a typical day at Elfrida and lastly they asked them some questions that they would be interested to find out about their life in Gambia. Miss Cartwright will be sending their letters off on Monday so we will be waiting with great anticipation for their answers!

I have posted your letters so we are just waiting for our replies now!!  Miss Cartwright


Israel was really proud, (so was I), of his scores in the Arithmetic Test today. He scored 22 out of 25 which was an improvement from his last score of 19 out of 25. He's now aiming for 25 out of 25 next time. Watch this space!

Sequoia put their scientists heads on today. Our topic this term are Life Cycles and as part of a 'WOW' lesson opener they dissected flowers to learn about the different parts and their functions. They enjoyed using 'scientfic equipment,' like microscopes, magnifying glasses and petri dishes.

Sequoia class had fun in Maths today, learning about capacity. They had to make a Fairydust Potion with a strange list of ingredients that included:- Frog's Breath, Dragon Blood, Teardrops of a Fairy, Mountain Haze, and Inky Slime!!

Year 5 designing and making their river models. These are on in display in the corridor and in the classroom.

Year 5 children on their recent river walk

Welcome to Sequoia

Teacher: Mrs Williams

Support Staff: Miss Elliott

This is our curriculum leaflet for Spring 2016.