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Elfrida Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Baobab - Year 6

Teacher: Mrs Efrat

Support Staff: Ms Algar and Ms Mattos

Welcome to Year 6 Baobab Class

This is what we believe about every child in our class!

Ancient Egyptian Temples

In maths we have been using nets to create our own Ancient Egyptian Temples.


Final day of Sports Science Week


Today saw the final sporting event for this year's sports science week.  We had the pleasure of a visit from two athletes from Inspired Through Sport who put Year 6 through their paces.  Here is a taster of what they did:

Sports Day


Thursday 25th May was not only the hottest day of the year so far for us, but it was also our sports day.  Year 6 had a very enjoyable afternoon on the field and a good time was had by all. 

This week is Sports/Science week at Elfrida.  The children will be taking part it fun activities all week.

Year 6 started the week off by mummifying chickens (a leg only!) linking our topic - Ancient Egypt - to this week's science theme of changes.  They will be following the process of mummification for roughly 4-5 weeks noting the changes to the chicken legs as they go!!

The children were challenged to work as a team to create a marble run. The challenge was to design a run which made the marble roll as slowly as possible.  The group with the longest run were the winners.  Baobab's record so far is 22 seconds.

Microscope Laboratory


Today (24th May) the children got the opportunity to experience working in a laboratory.  They were looking at different objects in three different ways: the naked eye; a magnifying glass; and, a microscope.  They had to observe and draw the changes in the objects.

Post SATs Fun - Kite Making

Year 6 Celebrate World Book Day

This week is book week. Year 6 are focusing on The Arrival, by Shaun Tan

The Arrival is a book without words but with amazing pictures.  A group of Year 6 children picked a picture from the book that they liked and used it as inspiration for their own artwork.  We then created an alternative book cover for The Arrival and decorated our classroom doors.
Friday 27th January - NSPCC Visit
Today Year 6 had an NSPCC workshop.  This fits in with our topic of Global Citizenship and Responsibilities, in particular, Children's Rights.  They learnt about their rights to speak out and be safe and who to turn to if they need someone to listen to them.  The children were advised to turn to a trusted adult and, if they felt there was no-one they felt they could talk to, Childline which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

NSPCC Workshop

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Whoops! Technical issue!

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PSHE and Drama

Today, in PSHE, we have been representing feelings of empathy through drama.  We received letters from children who where struggling and unhappy.  They all felt they were useless and not good at anything.  So much so, that they were begging for our help as they had even given up trying anymore!


Next week, we will be writing them letters to give them advise and make them feel better about themselves - look out for them on our class page.

We introduced our topic of Global Citizenship and Responsibilities by dividing the children into two random groups.  Although the children were completing the same task, we treated them differently in order to demonstrate to the children the ideas surrounding discrimination.  Please ask your child to explain more and to tell you what they learnt from this exercise.

Year 6 are learning to retell a biography of Anne Frank using actions as prompts.

Literacy - Biographies

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Science: Light and Shadows


Today (7.11.16) we started a new science topic: light and shadows.  We discussed light sources: natural and man-made and we also investigated shadows using torches.  The children should all be able to explain what the following words mean: transparent, translucent and opaque.  Ask your child to tell you what they learnt today.

Our Growth Mindset Artwork Gallery

Topic: WWII Propaganda Posters

Autumn Term Displays
Ask your child what they learnt today (03.11.16) about World War 2.
Science Investigation
We carried out an investigation this week; what can your child tell you about it?

Maths and Fairtrade Week 17th - 21st October


Yesterday, Year 6 got Fairtrade week off to a start with visits to some of our local supermarkets to find Fairtrade products.  Some children went to Lidl, The Co-op or Sainsbury's. 


The children were collecting information about the Fairtrade products they found, their price and their country of origin.  For each Fairtrade product they found, they had to compare it with the price and country of origin of the same non-fair trade product.  In some of the supermarkets, this was a lot harder than we had thought it would be and we found we really had to look hard to find out whether some items were Fairtrade or not. 


Back in school, during the week, the children will be using the data they collected to construct graphs and interpret data from them.

Swanage 2016

Year 6 have arrived safe and sound in Swanage after a smooth journey.  We have already had quite an exciting time...

Friday (Day 5)

After an action packed week, it is time to say, 'Goodbye' to the Allnatt Centre and Swanage.  Despite such a busy exciting week, only a few of our intrepid travellers fell asleep on the coach home...

Thursday (Day 4)

A stroll to the beach, followed by an historical trip around Swanage.  Then, lunch by the beach and

a trip to the shops to spend our pocket money.  After that, we all went crabbing; unfortunately, only one crab (Lola) was caught - obviously, we put her back.  When we got back to the centre, we had an hour long session in the pool - fun was had by all.  We ate our final evening meal and then went out on the field for a campfire.

Meeting an angry Viking...

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Meeting a frightened lady sheltering in a church...

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Meeting a man sleeping by the gaol...

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Fun in the pool: Samuel wrestling with a noodle

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Junior somersaulting...

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Wednesday (Day 3)

After breakfast, we played in the playground and then  walked to Corfe Castle over the hills.  Whilst waiting for the steam train back, we imagined what it would be like to be evacuees.  In honour of Favour's birthday, we had our own pool party (first time in the pool).  Before bed, we had birthday cake and sang happy birthday to Favour.

A taster of videos from today's events... First up, walking to Corfe Castle (or rather running!!)

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Kiera singing an impression of Adele cow style.

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Frankie, Frankie seaweed

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Favour's birthday pool party

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Favour's birthday celebrations...

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Tuesday (day 2)

The walk to Old Harry and Studland bay (5.5 mile walk!!)

Some of the beautiful scenery we have seen today

8 am breakfast; everyone ate extremely well!!

A few video clips of today's activities: Kung Fu geography

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Skylarking around!

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Super Duet take 1

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Super Duet take 2

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Our very own Unipanda

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Sand artwork inspired by Old Harry and the trip today

Sand artwork inspired by the day's experiences

Hot chocolate, biscuits, onesies, PJs and bed...

The journey here...

Funky seaweed 1 starring Ricardo and Samuel

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Funky seaweed 2

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Jumping waves...

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Evening entertainment - team games on the field in the dark

Hair whipping in the rain!

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Request for contributions towards SATs Buster Books

Tuesday 13th September 2016



Dear Year 6 Parents/Carers,


SATs Revision Resources


Further to the letter and the meeting at the end of Year 5.  We would like to remind you that in order to properly prepare your child, and to ensure they have the best possible chance to reach their full potential, the school would like to purchase  CPG SATs Revision books for each student in Maths, Reading comprehension and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. 


These will be used on a daily basis for a quick 10 minute test to enable all children to practice and be confident in reading, understanding and being able to answer the questions more confidently.  These were used last year and were extremely helpful.


So that we can do this effectively, we are asking for a contribution of £13.50 towards the cost of these books. If you have not yet send in your contribution, can you please do so as soon as possible so we can order the books and begin to use them daily in lessons and for homework.


Thank you very much for your continued support.


Thanks and kindest regards

Ms, Reid, Mrs Efrat, Miss Fitch and the rest of the Year 6 Team


Change Your Mindset

This week, we have been learning about growth mindset.  Please ask your child how they are going to re-wire their brain to ensure they improve their growth mindset.


In art, the children have been designing their own inspirational growth mindset posters, learning pits and creative neuron representations.  Pictures of their work to follow - watch this space...