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These are the next sounds to teach your child. Please have a look and practise it with them everyday.

Phase 2 Phonics Skills

Practise your sounds. Blend them together to read the words. Then read the phase 2 sentences at the end. Keep practising and you will be a Phonics Whizz!🧡

If your child can read short words like, cat,peg,bin,pen, etc. This video is the next step for them. Please let them watch this everyday to get used to reading simple sentences as well as reading books at home and logging into oxford reading owl.

Phonics lesson by Miss Ross!

CVC Word Building, Sound & Writing

Alphabet Sounds from A to Z with picture clues. 👀

Alphabet Sounds from A to Z with letter, picture & word. Say the sounds (phonemes) see the picture prompt & read the words.Then try the initial (first) sound...

Phase 2 phonics Part 1 SATPIN. CVC Words to sound, blend & read 😉

Phase 2 Phonics Part 1 CVC wordsLooking at the S A T P I N phonemes.Sounds, blending & reading cvc words.🐝 a Phonics Whizz❗️Love phonics & join in.

Phase 3 Phonics Sounds with 🐝a Phonics Whizz

Phase 3 Phonics sounds with flash cards. 🐝 a Phonics Whizz❗️Are the Fantastic Phonic Crew missing their phonics lessons? Well never fear because I have made...

These are the first sounds learnt in Reception class. Please practise with your child at home. Use the videos above to help with sounding out correctly.

CVC Words

Sounding out words made using letter sounds from Phonics Phase 2.If you would like your child to sound out independently, simply mute the video.

Phonics - Learn to Read | Three Letter Words | Alphablocks

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song