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I have put the Reasoning Test on Microsoft Teams. If you have been able to log onto it successfully you should be able to access the test. Please try and complete it before two o'clock so that I can mark it. I look forward to receiving your first assignments! Good luck!


If you haven't been able to access Microsoft Teams I have put a copy of the test below. 

BIG MATHS 25.11.20

Well done to the following children who have completed Big Maths so far this week - they are:-

Khylan, Leon, Ethan, Mariatu, Mamadu, Kevin, Miles, Siara, Michael, Nathan, Sho'mari, Jetmira and Gracie. If you haven't completed your Big Maths, please try and do so before Friday.

24.11.20 - Measuring Angles


How did you get on with measuring and calculating the perimeter yesterday? Today's focus is measuring angles. This lesson includes one video, a learning summary, two interactive activities and one worksheet. When you've completed the activity why not try the game 'Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica.'

If you find measuring angles challenging go back to identifying different angles first on the link below.



I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto Big Maths yesterday afternoon, there were eight of you who had already completed it! Well done to Khylan, Ethan, Mariatu, Kevin, Miles, Sho'mari, Jetmira and Gracie! Who else will have completed it when I check later on today I wonder? Keep up the good work Baobab!



23.11.20- Measure and Calculate Perimeter.

Today's focus in Maths is measuring and calculating perimeter. This activity includes, a learning summary, a quiz, two videos, two interactive activities and one worksheet.

If you find this challenging go to the Year 5 calculating perimeters of rectangles (link below).



Remember to complete your Big Maths this week. Who will be first? Last week it was Mariatu with Gracie second. I will be checking later on today to see who has completed theirs.