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Palm - Year 4

Teacher: Mr Walker

Additional Support: Miss Elliott

Welcome to Palm Class, our topic this term is Money!Money!Money!

Welcome to Summer Term with Palm Class!

This term our Topic is all about Money!Money!Money!

The children will be going on an exciting trip to The Bank of England to discover how money is stored and disseminated around the country and around the world by the Banking System.

The children will also learn how to reflect on the cost of living and the everyday items they use.


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Here is our curriculum leaflet for this term

3/5/18 - We're learning to play sounds on beat in music

2/5/18 - We have been practicing trade in our groups, well done to our winners!

26/4/18 - Google visited us to discuss internet safety

25/4/18 - One of our students shared her Dad's rare coin collection which was great for our Money topic

28/3/18 - We created Roman shields to prepare for 'Back in Time Day'

27/3/18 - We used thermometers to track temperature data

26/3/18 - We have been cooking Flapjacks as part of DT

22/3/18 - Our Vietnamese student now knows basic verbs and can count to 25

20/3/18 - It's Sports Week so we're back to training with Joe Wicks

19/3/18 - Our new student now knows basic classroom nouns

16/3/18 - Our pots are now finished

15/3/18 - We spent the afternoon decorating our pots.

12/3/18 - Our new student has been learning English digits

7/3/18 We learned a lot about our environment on our trip to the BFI

6/3/18 We have been cooking as part of DT

5/3/18 - We're getting fitter every week thanks to Joe Wicks

28/2/18 - We have been rehearsing for our class assembly

25/2/18 - We have been re-enacting 'The Story Machine' for World Book Week

20/2/18 - We have been playing math games to practise factors and multiples

16/2/18 - We have been creating pots in DT

12/2/18 - We played a version of 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' based on the digestive system

7/2/18 - We have been representing the length of the large intestine.

6/2/18 We have been simulating the role of the stomach in digestion

Download the leaflet here:

20/11/17 We have been learning the dance to Thriller

15/11/17 In Science we have been exploring sound and vibration

10/11/17 We have been practising for our class assembly

7/11/17 - Congratulations to our Dojo winners

6/11/17 - We finally got our circuits working, well done Palm!

3/11/17 - Congratulations to our dojo winners this week!

1/11/17-We created board games to practise factors and multiples

23/10/17 - We have been mingling with some very famous celebrities for our entertainment topic

17/10/17-We have been creating formulas for maths week

15/10/17 - We have been acting out adaptations of our class text

11/10/17 - Congratulations to our Class Dojo winners this week!

8/10/17 - We investigated weight as part of our measurement topic in Numeracy

5/10/17 - See our retelling of our class text using drama


Still image for this video
See how our guitar skills are developing.

Monty Python - Silly Olympics

We did a series of games in PE based on Monty Python's Silly Olympics.

25/9/17-Our Class Dojo Winners For This Week

25/9/17-We have been recreating Pacman as part of our entertainment topic in P.E.

18/9/17-Our Class Dojo Winners For This Week

17/9/17 - We made comparisons between football kits in different eras

16/9/17-We watched an historical football game and make comparisons to the sport today.

Newcastle United v Liverpool (1901).

15/9/17 We have been experimenting with circuits in Science

Ministry of Silly Walks

We watched a clip of Monty Python's 'Ministry of Silly Walks' as part of our focus on movement in PE.

11/9/17-Our Class Dojo Winners For This Week

10/9/17 - Our Class Text Leon and the Place Between

Leon and the Place Between


I don’t believe in magic,” said Tom, as he settled on the grass in the show tent. Around him the crowd waited impatiently for something to happen. “It’s not real,” hissed Pete. “It’s only tricks.” Little Mo looked disappointed. “Shhh now,” whispered their brother Leon. “It will be magic. You have to believe. “Look, it’s going to begin.”


The lanterns went out. In the darkness the crowd fidgeted with excitement. There was a cough, a whisper and then a loud hush. At last a soft, blue glow lit the stage and the curtains twitched. With a ripple of gold braid…the curtains slowly parted…. Bang! Three jugglers tumbled onto the stage to the pounding beat of a drum. Skittles flew, fast and furious, back and forth, up and over. Tambourines rattled, loud and louder; skittles spun, high and higher; the jugglers twisted, fast and faster. Then bang the skittles went up… but they didn’t come down! Everyone cheered and clapped. The jugglers bowed and bounced away. Once more they was only darkness.

Now one dim spotlight found a barrel organ, still and silent on the stage. Everyone held their breath. The handle began to turn but there was no hand upon it. Note by note the tinkling song of the carousel started to dance from the pipes…up jumped a barrel organ monkey, all made of wood and tiny hinges. He beckoned the moon to light the mechanical toys… A red-eyed crocodile snapped at a running boy’s heel. A ballerina turned on her pink satin shoe. Painted animals paraded into ark and a flying machine lurched through the air, up, up and over the moon.


At last the barrel organ fell silent. No one stirred. For a moment the tiny creaks of the mechanical toys cast their own spell: Then they slowed, jerked awkwardly and were still. The solemn monkey took a stiff bow and the curtains closed to loud applause. “Now “  said Leon, edging forward in the dark. “Now it’s going to happen.” Outside in the night an owl hooted. With a swish the curtain opened…


Pouff!  A cloud of purple smoke filled the stage and there he was…Abdul Kazam! Sparks flew from his fingertips. Leon could smell the magic. “Trust nothing…” said Abdul Kazam. “But believe everything!” He threw his arms into the air and the magic began. Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves; silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air. Bright white handkerchiefs became fluttering doves. The crowd was amazed. Then Abdul Kazam stepped aside and there was a door. A door into a box. “Who will step into the magic?” Leon knew it had to be him. He stepped up to the stage and climbed into the box. There was a gasp from little Mo and the door shut behind him.


Inside, the box was not a box. It was a world of doorways to somewhere else. Leon fell down, down, down, until he tumbled onto a carpet. “Hello,” said a boy in blue pantaloons trousers. “Where am I?” asked Leon. “This is the place between,” said the boy.  “ Between what?” “Between there and back again. This is the place magic sends you.” “Will you show me ?” asked Leon . The boy smiled.    “Hold on tight.” He gave the carpet a tug. With a swoop, off they flew. Everything that disappeared by magic, appeared in the place between. Cards and doves fluttered in the lantern light. Coins and rings spun fast, flashed and were gone. Ropes, cups and balls danced in the perfumed air. A magician’s assistant stepped out of nowhere as another vanished in the blink of an eye! It was a world of astonishment. A world of the unexpected. It was alive with magic.


The carpet came to rest. “Do you live here?” asked Leon, his eyes huge with wonder. “No,” said the boy. “But my father is a great magician. He makes me disappear every night. If I help him he will teach me magic.” Then Leon felt something soft wriggling behind him. A white rabbit climbed gently onto Leon’s lap and nestled in his arms. The boy stroked her ears. ”She is always here,” he said sadly. “She was never called back”.


Leon hugged the lonely rabbit and gazed around the place between, enchanted and amazed. Suddenly, the boy began to float away. “My father is calling,” he said.” It is time to go.” Leon waved.  “Goodbye” he cried. “I’ll never forget!” Then, from far away, he heard an echo of his own name. “Leon, come back to us. Leon, return…” Leon felt the magic lift him off the ground and back into darkness.


Leon heard a sharp tap. The door of the box opened before him. Leon stepped out with the white rabbit still in his arms. Abdul Kazam took a majestic bow. The crowd cheered and clapped. Tom and Little Mo clapped loudest of all.” Did you really disappear?” asked Pete as they shuffled out into the night. “Of course he did,” said Tom.” See, this is a magic rabbit.” He stroked her long, soft ears. “But where did you go?” asked Little Mo. Leon smiled “ I went to the place that magic takes you,” he said. “Can anyone go there?” sighed Little Mo with a yawn. Leon lifted her up onto his shoulders. “Yes, anyone Mo,” he said, “Anyone who believes.”


Curriculum Letter