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Examples of our Learning

Sports Science Week


Year 5 did lots of learning and had lots of fun during Sports Science Week. This week's activities included a marble run, designing and making catapults, Sports Day, microscope lab and many more. Have a look at the following pictures to see the variety of activities!

Congratulations to Glad who won the front cover book competition this week. Here he is proudly

showing his £5 voucher that he won to spend in the book fair. Well done Glad!

Well done to these children who made Mayan masks during the Spring holiday break (Douglas, 

Mary, Alin, Kamal, Demi, Callum and Chloe). These are now part of our classroom display.

Science Investigations.


Sequoia Class had 2 fun-filled afternoons carrying out a carousel of Science activities. These 

activities are linked to our Science topic, Materials and their Properties. The activities included:-

  • Making Gloop ( a mixture of cornflour and water).
  • Foaming Monster (vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda)
  • Oily mixtures (oil and vinegar)
  • Water power (a forces activity).


The children had to work in groups and follow the instructions of their given activity. They also had to think about  the explanation of each activity, what chemical reactions were taking place (the how and why and the why and how)? Making Gloop was definitely one of the most popular activities! The children were fascinated that this mixture was a solid and a liquid! 

Salt Dough Maps


As part of our topic this term (European Friends) the children in Sequoia Class made salt dough maps of different countries in Europe. Some of the maps focused on particular features for example hills and mountains, climate or areas where Geysers could be located (Iceland). The children 

enjoyed learning about the shape and features of different European countries.

Science Museum Trip 30th January 2017


As part of our, 'WOW opener,' for the introduction of our Science topic (Properties of Materials) both Year 5 classes visited the Science Museum. The children identified a variety of materials used for 

unusual objects for example:-

  • A dress that was made of out recycled drink cans! 
  • A stainless steel bomber jacket.
  • A dress made out of an Axminster carpet.
  • A glass bridge held up by stainless steel wires.
  • A glass skeleton.

The children found this trip enjoyable and educational and wrote excellent recounts the following day.

Ancient Roman Display

Year 5 trip to Lullingstone Villa (14.11.16)


Year 5 visited Lullingstone Roman Villa in Eynsford today. This was linked to our topic Ancient

Romans this term. This remarkable villa was discovered in 1939, however it was not excavated 

until 1949. Lullingstone Villa is believed to have been built in AD 100 and owned by a wealthy Roman citizen. It was added to over the next 300 years.The villa contained Roman baths which included a changing room, cold plunge, cold room, tepid room, hot plunge, hot room and furnace. The children enjoyed dressing up, looking at artefacts, making mosaics and playing games.


Visits to Sedgehill School


Over the past few weeks Sequoia have had, 'taster,' days at Sedgehill Secondary School. They have really enjoyed being taught Economics, Maths, Spanish, Dance and Drama.