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Elfrida Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Silver Birch - Year 4

Teacher: Mr McNulty

Support Team: Miss Beard, Mr. Woods and Mrs. Cripps

Shield Wall!

Still image for this video
A united Anglo-Saxon nation stands behind Alfred ready to stop the impending Viking invasion.
They look fearsome!



Calling all Saxons!

Alfred has called a meeting (a Witan) to discuss the recent raiding of Vikings in our beloved SUSSEX.  All Saxons are requested to bring their shield to the meeting.


Back in time day is... back!

The last day of term is ever so surely approaching and will soon be upon us.  As with last year the last day of the term will be "Back in Time" day.  Our class will be taking part in several historical events as our chosen era... The Anglo-Saxons! So prepare your axes, start growing those beards because King Alfred needs all his warriors available for the oncoming threat of the Vikings!  

E-Safety Meeting:

Just a polite reminder that there is an E-Safety Meeting in school on the 25th March at 9.00 am for all parents to attend if they are available.  As the internet becomes more embedded in our everyday lives it has never been more important to understand how this will impact our children.  If you have some spare time on Monday this briefing will prove to be invaluable. 

Our day at the Magic Circle certainly blew our minds away, thank you to all the Magicians who made our trip very special!

Cricket lessons, which we have on a Thursday, and showing off our bowling and batting skills!

Our Wonders of the World using 3D shapes.

Several Websites that we use in Class:

We like to do things a little differently in Silver Birch.  We like to have fun when we learn, so we use a couple of websites to help with our work...


TT Rockstars:

Our latest favorite website.  Each child in the class has a login to access their "Rockstar".  They can practise their timestables skills against each other.  The better they become the better their rockstar!



Big Maths Online:

Children aren't limited to just doing their Clic, Safe and Learn It's only in term time.  Each child has their own login so they can practise at home.





Saving the best till last.  Our reward system we use in class.  Our learning is an adventure and each child has their own champion who can gain in levels through doing the right thing in an out of class.  Extra learning is in the form of quests which your child can do at home and bring in the next day for me to mark, which results in XP.  However if the rules aren't followed each character's health suffers. Even us teachers have our own characters so we don't miss out on the fun!  



Our spellings for next half term

Human Battleships, our new way of learning coordinates!

We have two P.E. slots this year; Monday and Wednesday.  Your child should try to remember to bring in their P.E. kit at the beginning of the week.  Short, Shirt and trainers are required for all P.E sessions and, weather dependent, a hoody to keep them warm in the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons.



Welcome to Silver Birch 2018 - 2019!  I am very excited to be teaching your children this year and I hope that this year can be your child's best yet. All the children have made an excellent first impression this week and have shown themselves to be a very caring, considerate and polite group of children.  It promises to be a great year!