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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Foundation resources

NEW RESOURCES-week beginning 18.5.2020

Art like Banksy! -Banksy has just created a piece of art inspired by the NHS. (Below) Create your own Banksy inspired picture. This could be to say thank you to key workers or even your grown ups! Save them/email your pieces in Purple Mash. Good luck.yes




Can you ...

Click the link below to try to solve the mystery codes



Learn more about Ramadan. Click below

NEW geography resources -11.5.2020

Have a look through the power point and try the activities. Have fun!

New resources: Week beg: 4.5.2020

Happy well-being Wednesday- 6.5.2020laugh

Have a go at today's well-being tasks. Click the links below the pics!


NEW: Science resource.

Try a new experiment, take a quiz or play a science game-enjoy!yes

NEW: Geography resources

Try something new with this online resource.


Well being Wednesday task-

Click on the word document below to view the full version of this well being activity.


Click onto the pdf. document below the picture ,to find out how you can use everyday items found at home, to have science fun!


Science experiments at home-parents beware!

BBC science Link

Get into science by watching this video about forces. The link below will also take you to worksheets which accompany the video.