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Whole school class of art

In Science, Year 3 are learning about light and shadow. The children drew vases and then used blended oil pastels to create light and shade. What fantastic work!

So wonderful to be part of the Faces and Places project , run by the National Portrait Gallery. Artist Ian Crighton gave workshops in all Year 4 and 5 classes and these are some of the amazing results!

Continuing their Africa theme, Year 2 looked at Ndebele art. They marked out lines with pencil and then carefully painted them black before adding colour.

Art club finished their fantastic Wayne Thiebauld inspired cake pictures in oil pastel and water colour. They came out beautifully. Well done everyone! We'll be back!!!

Year 6 Bohdi class did an amazing job recreating these Andy Warhol style soup cans in water colour paint.

Dreaming of the seaside with Year 1. Just look at their cute beach huts!

I am so excited to see how these amazing Wayne Thiebaud inspired cakes turn out. Art club are doing such a fantastic job! Well done Maya, Ava, Adama, Courtney, Lily, Dorothea, Orida, Esther, & Helen! You are such a pleasure to work with.

Years 2 are learning about 2D shapes, so we looked at more Wassily Kandinsky art and created these beautiful pictures.

The finished pictures were outstanding! Well done Year 6!

After a hard morning completing the SATs reading paper, Year 6 worked on their Andy Warhol inspired ink blot mono prints.

In Ms Reid's eco art club this week, they made these cute pencil pots!

Year 3 are learning about the Egyptians, so we made these beautiful bejewelled scarabs.

Year 2's new topic is Africa! The children mixed hot colours to paint sunset backgrounds, then cut out trees and animals to stick on top.

Year 1 demonstrated their understanding of different types of lines in these striking pictures.

Ms Reid is running an eco art club, using recycled materials to make fabulous art. Just look at these fantastic foxes! Well done everybody!

How tasty do these cakes look?! Art club created these Wayne Thiebaud inspired cake slices, using oil pastel and water colour.

Year 3 have been learning about volcanoes, so in Art we looked at Hokusai's Mount Fuji print.

Year 6 started their Pop Art project discovering the work of Andy Warhol.

Year 5 made clay coil pots whilst learning about ancient Greece. They mixed the colours themselves and painted them beautifully.

Year 2 carefully painted their concentric circles pictures in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.

Year 1 painted these fabulous American Indian inspired pattern pictures, using bright paints and adding details in marker pen.

In Year 2 we are learning about Polar regions, so in Art we discussed hot and cold colours and then made cold colour collages.

Year 3 are learning about the Stone Age. These fabulous pictures of Stonehenge were made using ink and water to create the stones, then the background was painted using tints and shades of the same colour. So many art skills!

A selection of stunning Year 5 work inspired by the artist Sonia Delauney.

Year 2 draw these marvellous penguins and coloured them brilliantly using oil pastels.

Some fantastic self-portraits from Cypress class! Can you recognise anyone?

After school Art Club made these terrific pots.

Polar bears walking through the winter lights by Year 2

Mountain landscapes in watercolour paint and black ink by Bodhi Class

Eucalyptus class really enjoyed learning about the primary colours and then painting Mondrian inspired masterpieces

This excellent sketch book work on Jean Michel Basquiat is absolutely outstanding. Well done year 5!

Year 6 learnt about Nigerian born artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby and then made these fabulous collages of themselves. They used prints of fabrics from different cultures to decorate.

Year 4 are looking at the work of Jacob Lawrence, so Magnolia class painted these versions of his famous painting. Didn't they do well!

The whole school is studying diverse artists, and Sequoia class looked at the work of Jean-Michael Basquiat. They then created this fabulous Basquiat inspired dinosaurs.

Year 3’s topic is London this term. So inspired by the shapes of the London skyline and after looking at some cubist paintings, they created these masterpieces!

Fantastic start to the new academic year from Year 5. Super sketchbook work looking at Hokusai's 'The Great Wave'.

Year 2 looked at some abstract art and then did these wonderful paintings exploring shape and colour.

Its all about the colour mixing in Year One. What a great start to the new year!

Welcome to the art pagelaugh

Ms Green will be posting fantastic pieces of art from across the school-keep an eye out for our showcase of talent this academic year!