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Elfrida Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Saplings - Nursery

Teacher: Karen McCallum

Support Staff: Jasmin Ali and Julie Simmonds

We are sorry but we are still missing a doorbell! If you need to contact us please call the school office and we will be with you as soon as possible.

It has been super to meet some new families and children this week. We really look forward to welcoming you into the Nursery.

Well done to Saplings Class for being such good friends!

We are sorry that some parents may be finding it difficult to get into the nursery as we seem to have lost the bell that was on the gate!

Please call the office and they will call over to the staff in the nursery who will be able to let you in!

This is our newsletter for the week ending Friday 22nd April.

A huge thank you to Malla who donated a brand new trampoline to Saplings Class. (Can anyone help us to put it together please?!)

We will be having a cake sale on Wednesday 4th of May to raise money for a trip to a soft play area and a visit from a farm. Please see the newsletter for details.

We also look forward to seeing you any Friday for our Stay and Play days!

To get even more fit and healthy Saplings Class would like to raise some money to buy a trampoline. We thought that we will begin with a cake sale but if you have more ideas please share them with us. When we have agreed on a date in the next 2 weeks we really need some help in running the stall which will be by the Nursery entrance. Please let us know if you can help. Thank you!



We have been reading the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and thinking about helping one another and working as a team. On Thursday we made bread just like the little red hen. It was delicious!

It has been lovely to invite you in to choose books to share at home on Tuesday and Thursday this week. We really feel that this is quality time shared in encouraging your child to love books and reading.


We have two full classes in Nursery now and a lot of children with the same clothes and bags! Please ensure that you name all personal belongings as items do have a habit of wandering!

Remember that the School and Nursery will be closed for teaching on Friday 12th February as this will be Academic Review Day. We are looking forward to talking about the progress that your child has made so please book an appointment to talk with a key worker. If you have other children in the school please let us know so that we can give you a time that is best for you.


Once again, thank you to those of you who contribute to our snack bowl. We now need more rice cakes, breadsticks and savoury biscuits to give us more energy!


We enjoy sharing our favourite books at home. From next week we are asking parents and carers to come in and choose a book together on Tuesdays at 8.45am or 12.30pm and on  Thursdays  at 8.45am or 12.30pm when you drop off your child at the Nursery. We welcome you to come in and make your choices together.  




A BIG welcome to our new children and families who joined Saplings last week.

Everyone is busy settling in and have enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Please do not hesitate to speak to you child's key person (or any member of the nursery staff team) if you have any questions, queries or worries.




We are sending home a star for you to share with us something that you are proud of! It could be something that you have seen for the first time, made you smile, an act of kindness and more! Please write a note or share a picture and we will celebrate in the Nursery. A BIG thank you to those of you who have returned your stars and look out for them in our cloakroom!

Catford Library Visit

On Tuesday Nick from Catford Library came to read us stories. We all listened really well and he left books for us to share with you at home. Please support your local library as they have lots of workshops for us to enjoy as well as many wonderful books to develop our love of reading.

Parent Meetings

Thank you for coming to meet with us to share the progress that your child has made in the Nursery and at home. We have been delighted by such positive news. We look forward to seeing more of you next week.