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Elfrida Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Saplings - Nursery

Teacher: Mrs Mez Waring and Mrs Sarah Baker

Additional Support:  Sevda, Jasmin, Julie


Please remember we will be closed to all part time children on WEDNESDAY 11TH JULY. This is due to a stay and play session for the new children that will be joining us in September. 


We are still open to the full time children and will re-open as usual for everyone again on Thursday 12th July.


Thank you for your understanding, any concerns, please do speak to a member of staff.



On Friday 13th July we will be having a visit from Wildfangs, an animal company, who will be bringing in a selection of exotic animals for the Nursery and Reception children to hold and find out information about. If you haven't done so already, please give the £2.50 we asking for to cover the cost of this visit to a member of the Nursery staff. Look out for pictures of the fun the children had coming soon!

Many thanks!




Please come along to the Makaton and Five to Thrive Workshop run by Sarah on Friday 6th July. See below for more details or ask a member of the Nursery team!




Welcome back after the Easter break. If you click on the link below you find our Curriculum Newsletter for this term. We have lots of exciting things planned so please do make sure you also check the weekly Nursery Newsletter for all reminders and news on upcoming events.


If you have any worries or concerns about your children, please do speak to their key person or any member of the Nursery team who will be more than happy to listen and support.

Curriculum Letter for Summer Term 2018




Hopefully this lovely warm weather is here to stay, so there are just a few reminders to keep your children safe in Nursery whilst the sun is out!


  • Please send your child in with a hat, which is clearly named.
  • Please do apply sun cream before your child comes to the session.
  • The children have access to water at all times, so no need to send them in with their own water bottle. Nursery staff will remind and encourage children to keep drinking to stay hydrated.


Congratulations to all of the children in the Nursery for completing the 100 million minutes reading challenge. As a Nursery we are incredibly proud to have read 19348 minutes an average of 430 minutes per child in the nursery (and the nursery staff's children). We came in at 203 out of 654 settings so I think we did pretty well for such a small nursery up against primary schools and nursery schools.

Sarah will be handing out prizes for the am child, pm and full time child who read the most and certificates for the children who took part in the second week back. 

Sarah and Mez would like to say a massive thanks to you, the parents for taking part and reading to your children. By establishing a daily reading routine you child will experience more vocabulary which will improve their speech, writing and reading and enable them to have a better start in life and help them to do better in life.

After the Easter Holiday we will resume with the star reading log sheet and the reading challenge picture of your child's favourite book they read that half term. Sheets will be put into book bags so don't forget to bring them in weekly and if you want new books please feel free to ask to change them any time.

Buggies / Pushchairs

Please be aware that if you choose to leave your buggy or pushchair outside of the Nursery, you do so at your own risk.

The gates are locked throughout the main session but they are open at the beginning and end of the session.

Please do not leave valuables in your buggy / pushchair.

    If you have any questions regarding this please do speak to Mez.





Please be on time to collect your child at the end of the session.

The gates open at 11.20am and 3.15pm. Please remember that the sessions finish at 11.45am and 3.30pm. You may see children in the Nursery after the session has ended, these are full time children who are having lunch.

Parents / carers who are persistently late will have to collect their child from the school office and a record of lateness will be started.

We do not have enough Nursery staff at lunchtime to supervise late children so please be on time.

Easter Bonnet Parade


On Tuesday 27th March, the Nursery children will be participating in an Easter Bonnet parade. It will be at 2.30pm and weather permitting the parade will take place in the playground. 

If you would like your child to join in then please do make a hat together at home and bring it in on the day of the parade. 

If your child is in the morning session, you are more than welcome to come into school for the parade and join in with the afternoon and full time children. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


This week we will be sharing our favourite stories and reading a range of different traditional tales. We have some very exciting events planned including our Nursery Reading Challenge. 


Tuesday- The Paddleboat Theatre Company will be coming into school to perform. unfortunately we cannot offer this to all of the children in class So, if your child is due to start school in September they will be invited to see the performance on Tuesday morning. If your child will be attending please don't forget to give your £2.50 contribution to one of the team before Tuesday. 


Thursday 1st March-World Book Day

On Thursday we will be dressing up as our favourite book characters and your child is invited to bring along the book their character is from to share with the class or their Key worker. 


Thursday afternoon-

We will be having a very special story session and if you attend the session with your child you will get a free book! We will also be handing out prizes for completing our Spring 1 star reading challenges too!


100 Million minutes Reading Challenge

This year starting on Thursday 1st March our Nursery are very excited to be taking part in the 100 million minutes reading challenge. 

The challenge runs from Thursday 1st March to Thursday 7th March and the aim is to read as much as possible and write down how many minutes you have read with/ to your child on the book mark you will be given on Thursday. The children with the most minutes will win certificates and prizes and if our nursery has the most minutes we can win book prizes for the Nursery.


Studies show the more you read with your child the better your child will do at school and the number of words in a child's vocabulary acquired by age 4  determines how well they will do in life. Therefore, reading to your child on a daily basis will help them when they are much older. 


We look forward to seeing who gets the most minutes and don't forget to get your completed bookmarks back into Sarah by the end of every FRIDAY IN MARCH to get your new challenge book mark. If your child does the most reading this month they can win prizes and certificates. 

Please look out for your first of four challenge bookmarks being sent home today and tomorrow. 




Don't forget to check our newsletter section above for all of the latest news and information from Saplings Nursery!!

As part of our topic we hope to be visited by a fire engine at 2pm on Thursday 1st February. If you child attends the morning session you are more than invited to pop back to the nursery at 2pm on Thursday and see the fire engine for yourself. They will not definately be visiting us as there is a chance they might get called out to a fire but they have promised to try and do their best to get out to see us.

We have had a great couple of weeks learning about the Naughty Bus. We looked at bus numbers and recognising numbers to 1 0, painted using a range of materials including foil and had great fun eating beans for our snack and making playdough. .

Welcome back for another term we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

This term we will be learning about Planes, Trains and Automobiles and hope to have some very special visits from the emergency services to show the vehicles they use.



We have started to teach the older children some letter sounds from phase 2 and they are doing extremely well. We have learnt- S,A,T,P and I. when teaching your child to write we will be teaching them the pre-cursive letter formation and using lowercase letters not block capitals. so they wont have to re -learn how to write when they get into Reception.


We have started to send out book bags to all of the children starting school in September. Please ensure your child looks after these books and completes their weekly letter sound sheet. (looking after and having respect for books is key in the development of reading and its essential children are brought up respecting books).


For the younger children, will be sending out nursery rhyme and story packs to the younger children in a couple of weeks. 


Please check the Newsletter section for our new newsletter with what we will be doing this half term. 

We have had a wonderful start to this term learning about 'dazzling diggers' and 'the Naughty bus'. In Communication Language and Listening, we have been listening to instructions to make models and pictures of diggers and cars. In Physical Development, we have been using scisors and handling pencils correctly and practising dressing ourselves to be independent in our toiletting or putting our coats on. In PSE we have been making new friends and settling in the new children whilst talking about road safety, in Literacy, we have read 'Dig, dig , digging' and 'Naughty bus' and are starting to learn our letter sounds.In Maths, we have been recognising and matching numbers, ordering objects by size and making models talking about shapes. In Uunderstanding the World, we have talked about how we get to school and started to use purple mash on the computer and finally in Expressive arts and Design, we have made some wonderful models and sung a variety of nursery rhymes and vehicle songs. You have all been fantastic well done!!!!








The Nursery Christmas Party will be on the following days......


Morning session children = Tuesday 19th December

Afternoon session children = Monday 18th December.


The parties are all set to be very exciting. There will be games, dancing, party food and maybe a visit from someone very special!!!! Make sure you come to Nursery on these days!


You can wear your party clothes if you would like, and the afternoon children can choose to wear party clothes or elf clothes as it is Elf Day!




Nursery Christmas Party!!!!   


We will be having a Nursery Christmas party in the last few days of term. On Monday there will be a list up of food and drinks that we would appreciate being donated for the party. Please sign your name next to a food or drink item. We will let you know the dates and times for the parties next week!





EYFS / KS1 Nativity         


Next week on Tuesday and Thursday the EYFS / KS1 Nativity will be taking place. This year the performance is called ‘A King is Born’.

As is tradition, certain Nursery children will be joining in with a song or two in the performances. Some of the Nursery children that staff feel can sit through the performance without disturbing the hard work of the Reception and Year 1 children will be joining in. If your child is part of the singing you would have received a letter giving you information. If your child is not part of the Nativity singing this year, please do not be disheartened. They will definitely be a part of it when they are in Reception and Year 1 or will be ready to join in the singing next year if they are staying in the Nursery. Any questions, please do speak to one of the Nursery staff.







Remember on Wednesday 29th at 4.30 – 6.00pm there is a disco for children in Early Years and KS1. Tickets can be purchased in the main school office. Adults are free! You must accompany your child and stay with them for the disco. It is going to be fun – make sure you come along for some dancing!!




50p Friday!

Starting from Friday 24th November we are launching 50p Friday. We will have a piggy bank in the Nursery and would appreciate donations of 50p so that we can buy items such as cooking ingredients, flour and salt to make play-dough and extra snacks such as breadsticks and biscuits for our snack time.

The piggy bank will be out every Friday ready for your 50p!!

Many thanks






We wish you all a happy and safe Bonfire Night on Sunday. Whether you are attending one of the many organised events taking place locally or having a fireworks display at your house, please do stay safe and take care. Take a few minutes to read some safety information below and take the time to speak to your children about firework safety before the fun begins.








Please remember that applications for Reception must be completed by January 15th 2018. If you would like help or support in completing the online application, then please do speak to a member of the Nursery team and we can arrange an appointment for you.


You will need an email address and you will need evidence documents to show your address and parental responsibility.


Don't forget that Friday 13th October is Harvest Festival at Elfrida. Some Nursery children will be going to the hall to sing a harvest song - please check with Nursery staff if your child is attending.

If you have any donations of food, please bring into the Nursery so it can be added to our collection for the local food bank. Many thanks.

Look what we have been doing in the Nursery!

Application to Enter Reception 2018


Please click on the PDF below to find out more information in regards to the application process if your child is going to Reception in September 2018.


The PDF will show you a letter which gives details of where and how to apply and the supporting documents which are required.


If you have any queries or require further information or support to complete the application, please do not hesitate to speak to Nursery staff.





Information regarding Reception application September for 2018

Elfrida Reception Class Open Days


Pre-School Learning Alliance are running this course for any interested parents. Please use the contact details to register your interest.

Welcome to Saplings Nursery.

We are so excited to meet you all when the Nursery opens on Monday 11th to all of the existing students. New students will be given their own separate start date to help their transition into the Nursery go as smoothly as possible. We hope your children are ready for another year of fun and learning through exploration.

This week we will be visiting our new children at home to ensure we know you all before you start so you can settle easier and it gives us a chance to have a proper discussion all about your child and reassure you of any worries or clarify things for you without any school distractions. We will also be improving our nursery this week so it will look completely different and hopefully be an even better stimulating learning environment for your child.

See you soon

Mez and Sarah




We have been working hard during the holidays to make the nursery beautiful.