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Eucalyptus - Year 1

Last week. we had some very special visitors, chicks! We saw them hatch and had turns holding them and petting them. We learned about the lifecycle of a chicken and carried our own eggs around with us to see if we had what it takes to be a mother hen. We named our eggs and created warm and comfortable containers to keep them safe. After 5 days we still had lots of eggs that survived!

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Surrey Docks Farm! WE learned all about the different fruits and vegetables they grow on the farm, and planted our own sunflowers! Then we had a look and got to feed some of the animals on the farm. We were also very lucky to see the beehive choose a new queen bee and migrate to a different hive.

After we wrote our own versions of the story, we made our own Turnip stew, just like in the book! We then wrote instructions on how to make it, It was so delicious!!

We have been learning the story of the Enormous Turnip for literacy. We know the story so well now, we can retell it with our actions, we can story map it, write it, and now we are changing the story with our own vegetables and our own characters!

Like we said in our class assembly, we are doing experiments with bean plants. We chose something different to test per group to see if the bean would still grow! Some are growing without light, some without soil and with one we are seeing if plant food makes a difference! I wonder if our hypotheses are correct!

We have some very exciting pets in our class, meet our tadpoles, who we will be watching very carefully as they change into frogs!

Here is our curriculum letter for this term! Have a look to see what we'll be learning about and our upcoming trip!

We made some amazing Easter Bonnets- Check out our parade!!

Eucalyptus class had a great time at the Geffrye Museum, looking at how homes have changed over time and how people lived before electricity and our other home comforts!

Check out our new curriculum letter to see the excitement happening in Eucalyptus!

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely holiday and a fantastic Christmas. This term, our topic is 'Home Sweet Home' where we will be looking at different homes around our area as well as the homes and habitats of animals- which is our science topic. With this theme, we will be going on a class trip to the Geffrye Museum to see how homes have changed over time! We are going to be doing lots of work around traditional tales, the settings and the points of view of the characters, and even rewriting them to make them our own. Keep your eyes peeled for some of our fantastic work on here!

Teacher: Miss O'Connor

Support Staff: Miss McCartney

Look at our latest curriculum letter

Welcome to Eucalyptus class' page. We are very excited for all the learning and the upcoming nativity play this term! Visit our page to see al the fun going on in Eucalyptus!!