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w/b 06.07.2020

Week Beginning 06.07.2020




There are 2 Reading tasks below which can be completed on 2 different days.



The writing task below can be completed over 4 days or all in 1 day. The choice is yours.

Here is my suggestion:

  • Monday – Read the task and discuss the questions. Begin to plan using the Planning Frame on page 2.
  • Tuesday – Start or continue with planning using Planning Frame.
  • Wednesday – Use the plan and write your non-chronological report. Make sure you include the things on page 3 and say sentences ALOUD before writing them.
  • Thursday – Check your writing. Make sure the sentences make sense! Use page 4 of the writing task to help check your work.



I suggest that your child completes 1 page of the Maths activities below (there are 4) per day and then on one day complete the 8 arithmetic questions below and their Big Maths Challenges.

Here is my suggestion:

  • Monday – Page 1 of Maths tasks.
  • Tuesday – Page 2 of Maths tasks.
  • Wednesday – Page 3 of Maths tasks.
  • Thursday – Page 4 of Maths tasks.
  • Friday – Arithmetic questions and Big Maths Challenges.



In Year 2, the home learning topic this half-term is Under the Sea. The topic learning grid can be found below. Please aim to complete 2 of the tasks on the topic grid per week.




  • Once the required tasks have been completed for the day, please use your login to do some Maths, Grammar and Spelling practice on Big Maths, Emile, Lexia, Purple Mash, Prodigy or SumDog.


  • As always make sure you read everyday!

Try reading books on Epic!


Class Code: deh7956

Select your name and then you are in!


  • If you would like an extra challenge I have uploaded the July Activity calendar for you to try!


Please take pictures of the work you have completed and send them to our class email address, 


Writing Tasks - w/b 06.07.2020

Topic Grid (Summer 2) - Under the Sea

July Activity Calendar