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Welcome Back!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of the Nursery back on March 8th.


Nursery gates will open at 8:45am (morning pupils) reopening for collection at 11:45am.

For the afternoon gates will open at 12:30pm-collection time will be 3:30pm.


We will be sending out more information next week on making the return as safe as possible for children, parents and staff. 

Please do speak to your child about coming back to Nursery in order to prepare them as much as possible and to support them in feeling happy and confident to return.

Any concerns or issues, please do contact Nursery staff via the Nursery email address or ask us when we call you next week. 




Please use the Nursery email address to contact Nursery staff. If you have a question, query, would like to share information, have any concerns and you can't speak to a member of staff then please do use the email address below and one of us will contact you.





Please click on the document below to read the Curriculum letter for Nursery for the Spring term when we return to school. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Thursday 4th March 2021

World Book Day


Throughout the week read some of your favourite books. You can either look through them by yourself or you can look through them with your adults at home. Which part is your favourite? Which picture do you like the best? Why? Which character do you like? What happens in the story? Can you find any words you recognise? Does your book have any rhyming words?


Take some photos of you reading your books and send them into the Nursery email address!





Please remember that Primary applications for Reception class starting in September 2021, MUST be completed by Friday 15th January 2021. You must go to eadmissions and complete the online application form. You will need to upload supporting documents with your application. Please do not leave this until the last minute, otherwise your application will be considered late.

Look at all of the lovely pictures of the Nursery children dressed for Elf Day in their costumes or in their Christmas jumpers!






Friday 11th December is Elf Day, where the staff will be dressed in red and green and looking like elves. This is a fun day which involves the children taking part in exciting activities. The children can wear their own elf outfits, a Christmas jumper or anything red or green, but they do not have to if they or you don't want to. Look out for exciting pictures on the webpage to show you what we have been doing.




Weeks beginning 23rd and 30th November - We have really be focusing on developing or motor skills in Nursery the past few weeks. We have been practicing holding pens and pencils, and using chalks and whiteboard pens to mark make and write letters on whiteboards, paper and the floor! We made ribbons to make large movements in the air and used soap flakes and shaving foam to build up our muscles in our arms and hands ready to write! Christmas also arrived in the Nursery and the children helped to decorate the classroom. They put baubles on the Christmas tree and made their own tree by decorating paper plates! Look at the slide show below to see everything we have been doing . We have had loads of fun learning through play based activities!!

Parents / carers, please remember that Friday 27th November is an INSET day for the whole school, including Nursery children. We come back to school on Monday 30th November.





Lewisham Children and Family Centre have a new timetable of sessions out for parents and carers. There are a mixture of face to face sessions and zoom sessions, so have a look at the timetable in the link and sign up!



Perform are running a dance, drama and singing workshop in December and February. They are suitable for 4 - 10 year olds, they look brilliant fun. Have a look at the flyer below and visit the website for details of prices and where to go.  




Parents, please find below information about a session for advice and support for families of children with special educational needs and / or disabilities. 


We have completed activities around Remembrance Day, celebrated Diwali and joined in with Children In Need Day activities. Have a look at our pictures. We made poppies, coloured in Diwali cards and made spotty hats.


We are supporting Children in Need 2020 here at Saplings Nursery. Tomorrow, Friday 13th November, your child can come to school dressed in something spotty! We will be participating in different fun activities linked to the cause and to Pudsey Bear. Look out for photographs on the webpage!







Please read the Lewisham Public Health Poster below which has been designed to help us all understand the current requirements for isolation related to Covid 19.











What is this about?

One of the ways in which your child is assessed in Nursery is through collecting evidence of things they have said or done.  These are put into a ‘profile’, which is simply a folder of your child’s achievements. Throughout Nursery this is used to work out your child’s learning and their next steps. As part of this, we would like parental input in the profiles – this means we will know what you can see your child doing at home!  Parent / carer input is vital as it can demonstrate skills that, for whatever reason, might not have been observed at school. 


What do I need to do?

If you catch your child doing something ‘noteworthy’, jot it down on one of the ‘did you know’ slips and give it to a member of the nursery staff team.  This will then be added to your child’s profile.


How many should I do?

There is no limit – obviously the more the merrier, but there is no pressure to do loads. If you run out of slips just ask for more!


The 'did you know' slips came home on Monday, but if for whatever reason you did not receive them, please let us know and we will make sure you have some to use. An example of them are below. 









Please see below information regarding Speech and Language Virtual Drop In Sessions




Please see the Curriculum Letter for this half term.

The time has come to make sure that you have applied for a Reception place for your child if they are due to start in September 2021. Please see the attached document which is a letter explaining the process and the supporting evidence that is required. If you have any questions or need any support to complete the application form, then please do ask one of the Nursery staff who will be able to book an appointment to help you.

Well done to all of the Nursery children who came to school dressed for Traditional Dress Day! We all think you looked fantastic and it was so interesting to see your traditional clothes and learn about the country you and your family are from. Have a look at some of the pictures below!




Half Term Holiday!


Next week is half term and we have thought of some things you might like to practise at home to keep you busy over the week!

  • Practise recognising your name so that you can find your name card when you come back to Nursery.
  • Practice writing your name, some letters from your name or even just the first letter.
  • Practise saying your numbers to 10 (then 20!) in the correct order.
  • Practise putting on your coat all by yourself and trying to do the zip up too!
  • Practise holding your pen and pencil correctly and use it to draw and mark make. You can bring in your pictures to show when you come back to Nursery.
  • Go for a walk and talk to your grown up about all the different things you saw whilst you were out.
  • Listen carefully to a story that your grown up reads to you. Can you tell them what you liked about the story? Can you tell them some people or animals that were in the story? 
  • Have a fun time!!!




Everyone at Saplings would like to wish you all a lovely half term break. We look forward to seeing you all back in the Nursery on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER!














Diversity Awareness Month

Thank you and well done to all of the Nursery families that have sent in pictures of their children in traditional dress, or have completed a diversity poster for the competition! We had some lovely entries. 

On Friday 23rd October we are having 'Traditional Dress Day'. Children will be able to wear clothing which represents their cultural traditions, religion or identity. We look forward to seeing everyone in their traditional dress next week! Look out for some wonderful pictures coming soon on the webpage. 


In the meantime, here is Musu-Kaday from the Nursery and her brother Abass wearing their traditional dress from Sierra Leone! Thank you to their family for sending it in to us.










Please don't forget to get in your orders for the Cauliflower Cards Christmas designs. Your child would have come home with a personal design, so please go online and order in time for Christmas. 


Order must be placed online and then the artwork returned to the Nursery by October 14th.










As part of our work for Diversity Awareness Month, we are asking parents / carers to send in or email photographs of yourselves and/or your children in cultural clothing or at a location or landmark from the country that your familiy is from.

This is going to form part of a hall display called 'Elfrida Around the World'.

We would all love to see your pictures, so please do send them in! Thank you.



Friday 25th Spetember: Hello parents and carers!! We have had another busy week in Saplings. This week we have been enjoying the small world play of trains and the cars and garage, along with the sea animals and castle. We have been using the scissors to snip and cut a range of different paper and cardboard. We have had sand play out for a day and so we have been using the scoops, spoons and spades to move the sand from one container to another. We have been listening to stories and singing number and abc songs. We have also started work on painting our self portraits, so look out for them going up in the Nursery entrance next week. This also forms part of our work on Diversity and Culture and this week information about the activities and events that will be happening in connection with this have come home to you. We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures that show ou everything we have been doing this week!

Dear Parents / carers,


Please choose a book to read with your child at home from the book stand outside of the Nursery. The book stand will be out on a Monday and Tuesday and books will need to be returned on a Friday. 

Please put the returned books in the 'returned books' box, which is on the table. 

These books can then be cleaned.

Please turn the stand to look at the books and try to only touch the book that you are going to take home.

Your child is going to bring home a reading record so they can colour in a star every time you share a book together.

We also encourage you to support your child in drawing a picture from a part of the story they enjoyed and get them to talk aboutit with you.


All of the recording sheets you need will be available for you to take and they are also available as documents on the webpage for you to open and print off if you need them.


Happy reading Saplings!


See below for the reading record and place to record the favourite part of the story.



Parents / Carers,


Please do look out for an email sent to you through the Nursery email address above regarding parents evening meetings. Obviously this cannot be completed in the usual way, so we will be contacting you with further information by the end of Friday 25th September.









Friday 18th September: We have all been busy in Saplings Nursery again this week. We have been using the water area and pouring water using different containers and jugs, we have been learning how to hold our pencil correctly and some of us have tried to write our name, we have been building with blocks, putting our shoes on by ourselves, kicking a ball to each other and turn taking and listening to stories! Wow, so many exciting things! Have a look at the picture slideshow so you can see for yourselves!

Here is the Curriculum letter for the Nursery parents / carers. It gives you information about what we will be learning over the term and some important dates for your diary. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff.

Welcome back everyone!!!

We are all so pleased to be back at Saplings. We have missed you all. We would like to say a big hello to all of our new families that have joined us already or will be joining us in the next few weeks. We are certain that you will have a fun time at Saplings, learning and having fun at the same time.


If any parents or carers have any questions or concerns then please do speak to one of the staff. We want to make the start of your child's time in Nursery as worry free as possible, so if you are unsure of anything, please just ask.




Friday 11th September: We have had such a fun week in Saplings class. Have a look at the pictures to see what we have been doing! This week we have been using the water tray resources, watching what happens when the cars go down the ramp, working our hand muscles by using the tweezers to pick up different things, writing, reading books, peddling on the bikes, building with the Duplo and kicking the balls. We have been making lots of new friends, and we have been learning how to share and tidy up our toys!



Please bring a bag which can stay on your child's peg with a change of clothes in it - just in case your child is having so much fun learning that they have a little accident with their toileting or if they get wet in the water play. 


Your child needs a drinks bottle that can come to school with water in it ready for snack time. If you can please put their name on it, otherwise we can do this in the Nursery. You are welcome to send a little healthy snack for the children to eat also. Please do not send in anything containing nuts.




Session times are -

Morning session: 8.45am - 11.45am, the gate will open at 11.30am to allow for a staggered collection.

Afternoon session: 12.30pm - 3.30pm (2.30pm on a Friday if you want to collect when collecting older siblings), the gate will open at 3.10pm and 2.10pm to allow for a staggered collection.



Even though we would love to have parents and carers into the Nursery, due to Covid 19 we are asking that parents encourage their children to come into Nursery independently. You are welcome to walk them up to the Nursery door, but please no adults in the cloakroom at drop off or pick up times. Thank you for you support.




Welcome to the Saplings Class Pagesmiley

Mrs Waring and the nursery team are looking forward to seeing the children again and meeting new children during the stay and play days.


Important information for children returning in September:

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September-Are the dates for nursery stay and play. You should have been contacted by the school confirming your child's invitation. Please contact the school office if you have any enquires.

On Monday 7th September -Existing nursery children are to return. Parents are to enter and leave through the nursery gates.

Please note: only one parent is allowed outside the door.

Full time nursery will begin and end: 8:45am - 3:30pm

Part time nursery will begin and end: Mornings- 8:45am-11:45am

                                                          Afternoons- 12:30pm-3:30pm


On Wednesday 9th September-New nursery children are to join Saplings in the afternoon. Please contact the school for enquires and further information.


See you in September!