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Alder - Year 5

Welcome to Alder class with Mrs Efrat and Mrs Darnell

Welcome to Alder Class 

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The autumn term is here already!! 


Our topic for this term is Water, Water Everywhere.  Over the summer holidays the children have been busy researching and creating water related projects in preparation for their learning this term. Hopefully, the children will have a fun and exciting time enjoying their learning this term.  We already have 3 exciting trips booked - more details to follow soon!

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Jewish Festival of Lights


This morning, some of the children in Alder Class have been learning about Channukah, the Jewish Festival of lights.  They have had fun combining RE and Art by making Channukiot out of clay.  A chanukiah is the candle holder used to celebrate the 8 days of Channukah.  Watch this space for more information about this celebration.


Trip to 20th Century Fox


Yesterday, 21st November 2019, Alder class were lucky enough to have a trip to 20th Century Fox for a private viewing of The Kid Who Would Be King.  Last year, Kimiya entered a poster competition and won first prize: a trip to 20th Century Fox for her entire class!!  Well done Kimiya.


Everyone had a fantastic day.  Various members of the public praised the children for their excellent behaviour on public transport and were surprised to see children reading their books silently.  One of the ladies at 20th Century Fox also praised the children for their politeness and fantastic behaviour.  She even said, of all the children and classes they have visit, Alder class were by far the best behaved children she has ever seen. 


Well done Alder class, we are all extremely proud of you. 

Printing in Alder

Today, Monday 14th October, Ms Green was in Alder class and the children had an exciting time printing using polystyrene tiles.  They were inspired by the work of Hokusai and drew pictures of Mount Fuji which were then transferred to the polystyrene tiles.  The children had to use pencils to carefully score their design on the tiles, making sure they didn't go too deep.  Once the tiles were ready, they used a roller and printing ink to create their wonderful pieces of artwork.

Alder at work printing

Tower Bridge - 26th September


Alder's first trip took place yesterday to Tower Bridge.  Despite the rain, we all had a great time.  the day was split into two different sessions:


  • visiting the engine rooms and going into the tower and walking across both walkways and, for those brave enough, walking on the glass walkway
  • taking part in a bridge building session using coding to make the bridge open


We learnt some fascinating facts about Tower Bridge and some technical language relating to bridges.