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Magnolia - Year 2

Welcome to Magnolia's class pagelaugh

Your teacher is: Mr Walker


22.04.22 - At Forest School, we have enjoyed finding and identifying different minibeasts.

15.3.22 We have been reasoning using money

2.2.22 - We have been working on our drama skills

Magnolia Class - Diversity Poem

We performed this poem to celebrate the diversity in our class.

18.1.22 - We have been using money in maths

7.1.22 - We have been mirroring each other in drama

16.12.22 - We ended the year with a talent show

On Friday 3rd December, 20 children from Year 2 had their first forest school session.

We had so much fun exploring the muddy forest, climbing trees and jumping from the treehouse. We are looking forward to doing more outdoor learning at forest school in the future.

2.12.21 - We have been sharing 'Proud to be Me' poems

29.11.21 - We have been practising our phonics and collecting cups

24.11.21 - We've be trying new jumps in gymnastics

Today in Literacy we went to the ‘Matrix’ – the Museum of Advanced Technological Realisation and Interactive Exchange. 

At the museum we tried out a new virtual reality exhibition about the Great Fire of London. We put on virtual reality helmets and was transported back to the sights and sounds of 1666. cool

First, we had to escape from our home, which was in danger of catching fire.

To escape we:

- Jumped out of bed because we heard people shouting "Fire! Fire!"

-Then we opened the window and climbed out.

- We balanced and walked sideways on the roof.

-Bravely, we looked ahead and jumped to the next roof.

-Carefully, we then climbed down the timbers to the street.

Once on the ground we decided to travel towards the River Thames in the hope of getting across.  On our way we were stopped in the street and and had to tackle the fire, using a human chain of buckets.

Later we tried to persuade the ferryman to take us across the river – but with no joy. nosad

Before returning to Matrix and the modern day we decided to head to higher ground to the north of the city boundary.

17.11.21 - We've been improving our balance in gymnastics

12.11.21 - We've been using tally charts to show continuous data

9.11.21- We've been learning body control in gynastics

Here's our Display for our Inferno topic

We created a Diversity display with our own flags

31.10.21 - Boxing Maths

20.10.21 - Tallying

10.10.21 - Boxing Maths

5/10/21 - We re-enacted our class text, Once Upon A Dragon's Fire

4/10/21 - We have been gathering food for the food bank

In Miss B's Maths group, we had a great time working in partners playing a doubling game. We all worked together really well. yes

21/9/21 We have been re-enacting scenes from the story 'Once upon a Dragon's Fire'

14/9/21 More Amazing Dragon Homework

19/9/21 - We are learning to differentiate tens and ones in maths

2/9/21 - Here's some of our dragon homework

Welcome to Year 2 and our Magnolia class page! We are really looking forward to getting to know you and teaching you lots of interesting and fun things this year! Let's make this the best year yet 


Important information for children returning in September:


On Thursday 2nd September children will be returning to school.



The gates on Elfrida crescent  will open at 8.45am and your child can come to school anytime between 8.45 and 9am using the yr 2/3/4 gate.  We are asking parents to stay outside school each morning.

Gates will be locked at 9am and you will need to bring your child to the main office to have them booked in.


Parents and carers of Yr  2:  parents will be allowed in at 3.10pm. The children will be ready for collection at 3.15pm.

Parents will be allowed onto the school site to collect their children from the yr 1/2 playground.

Parents will be allowed to walk through the playgrounds to collect children from other year groups once on site.


Staff and sign posts will be present to navigate you to the correct playgrounds.


See you in September!