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Welcome to Elfrida's Science Page

At Elfrida Mrs Holland leads on Science teaching and learning.

Science gives children the opportunity to be inquisitive, to explore and find out about the world around them. As they progress through the school, the children carry out practical investigations with greater independence and have the opportunity to research information and use a variety of equipment and resources to test out their ideas. In their work children develop a variety of strategies to analyse what they have found out and are encouraged to record their findings accordingly.






My Activity Passport


How many tasks can you complete over the summer holidays from the activity passport?


Please see below for the 'My Activity Passport'. You may not be able to complete all of these at the moment but as things open up again you may be able to complete all activities by the end of the school year.


Please take some photos when completing the activities and show your class teacher or email your photos

My Activity Passport

Science over the Summer Holidays

Please see some ideas below for fun Science activities over the summer holidays. Remember to take photos to show your new teacher in September.



  • Float or sink – collect some objects from around the house and predict which will float / sink. Then test your hypotheses!
  • Apple bobbing – fill a washing up bowl with water, stick some apples in, and try to grab them using only your teeth
  • Make a paper boat – make a paper boat and see if it floats. Try wafting it from behind to get it moving and race with other paper boats
  • Make your water walk – fill 5 cups with water. Put red food colouring in the 1st, yellow in the 3rd, and blue in the 5th. Roll up some kitchen roll and make a bridge between the different cups – watch the coloured water move…!


  • Set up a production line – make a sandwich by each doing a single task (e.g. take bread from bag, butter bread, add ham, etc) and then passing it on, like machines in a factory
  • Robot dance – learn some robot dance moves and have a robot disco
  • Design a robot – think of a job you don’t like doing (e.g. tidying your room) and design a robot who can do it for you
  • Junk modelling – make a prototype of your robot out of junk. Think about creating joints that move, how the robot will travel, where it’s battery will go, et


  • Build a cardboard fort – use some old cardboard boxes to make a castle of your very own – How many people do you need to fit in? How will you create the windows and door? What defensive structures will you include?
  • Design a coat of arms – a coat of arms should say something about you because it represents who you are – design a coat of arms or a flag to fly from the top of your cardboard fort
  • Make a spaghetti tower – make the tallest tower you can using just 30 pieces of spaghetti and 5 marshmallows


  • Do a survey – research different types of cakes and list them – now ask different members of your family which they like best and make a tally chart to decide which cake will be most popular. 
  • Go shopping – you’re going to need to some ingredients for this week – make a list and then go and buy them using coins – add up the coins to the correct amount
  • Bake some buns – weigh out the ingredients using some scales – use mathematical language like more, less, grams, millilitres, equal to, weigh, measure, 5 minutes, 200 degrees, etc
  • Decorate quarters – lightly score a line on your cake which divides it into quarters – decorate each quarter in a different way.

Science Week 2021

15th of March - 19th of March 2021


This year, Elfrida Primary School participated in British Science Week (15th – 19th March 2021).

The national theme was ‘Innovating for the Future’ and every class in school participated in carrying out investigations linked with the theme.



In addition to the activities in school, we also had a whole school competition.



The winners for the competition are below. 

Well done everyone who entered the competition, we had over 100 entries and it was very difficult to decide!


Reception Science Week

Year 1 Science Week

Year 3 Science Week

Year 4 Science Week

Year 5 Science Week

Year 6 Science Week



STEM Science At Home


Starters for STEM are 10 activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy to resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.


Please complete as many of the tasks below as possible and take pictures you for your teacher to see your amazing Science skills.


Please email pictures of your work to 


To visit the STEM website please follow the link below





Science Skills progression