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Elfrida Primary School

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Eucalyptus - Year 1

Welcome to Eucalyptus Class

We all had a wonderful day at Buckthorne Nature Reserve. Children learnt a lot about the natural habitats of different local wildlife. The children had  the freedom to explore the environment and enjoyed looking and discovering the range of plants and mini beasts. 

At Elfrida School we follow 'Essential Letters and Sounds' DFE approved scheme to teach phonics. Phonics is the process that ensures children have the skills to break words into a sound system, building letter and word recognition. Children learn to segment words to help support their spelling ability and to blend sounds together to read words. Once phonics are learnt and children can read fluently, they can then develop other reading skills such as comprehension and acquiring knowledge in order to access the whole curriculum.

Welcome to Eucalyptus' class pagelaugh

If you have any questions, please email Ms George at

Important Information

PE Days

Monday (Outdoor)

Thursday (Indoor)


Book Bag Day






Return Library Books



Important information for children returning in September:


On Thursday 2nd September children will be returning to school.



The gates on Playgreen Way  will open at 8.45am and your child can come to school anytime between 8.45 and 9am using the yr 1 gate on Playgreen way.  We are asking parents to stay outside school each morning.

Gates will be locked at 9am and you will need to bring your child to the main office to have them booked in.


Parents and carers of Yr  1-  parents will be allowed in at 3.10pm. The children will be ready for collection at 3.15pm.

Parents will be allowed onto the school site to collect their children from the yr 1/2 playground.

Parents will be allowed to walk through the playgrounds to collect children from other year groups once on site.


Staff and sign posts will be present to navigate you to the correct playgrounds.


See you in September!

World Book Day

Please see below pictures of all the lovely learning we are doing in class!

Spring 2 Learning

Eco Warriors!

See above all the exciting activities we did. As part of Elf Day we decorated biscuits and made Christmas cards.

Christmas Market

Come Along!

Eucalyptus class really enjoyed learning about primary colours whilst making their Piet Mondrian inspired paintings!

Diversity Story- Julian is a Mermaid