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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Shout outs!


A big shout out goes to .....ELMA !!! for completing sooooooooooooooooooo many purple mash tasks last week! well done youyes


A big shout out today to MEKAI for completing 17 comprehension activities this week on First News I Hub! Way to go!


Thank you Lyra for a great postcard as an alien today. I hope s/he gets to the next landmark-(An important house with a black door!!laugh)


Helllllooooo all.

Well drum roll........ Top of First New I hub is....You've guessed it...

ROHAN!!! With 34,865 point! congratulations!!



Well done to Lyra and Mekai for using the site TT rockstars.

Mekai so far has collected: 25,274 coins! well done.yes




Today Rohan has a total of 30,765 points on First News I hub. Well done to you.

Who dares to challenge him???? Anyone brave enough?laugh

Gallery of work- 29.04.2020

Hello! Have a look at the great Purple Mash work below!laugh

Lyra wrote a letter of adviceyes

Lyra's letter of advice

Rohan designed a robot with a Gucci design yes


Elma designed a game which you can all play. I emailed it to you all on Purple Mashyes

Well done E.K!angel

Thank you Elma for completing two tasks on purple Mash last week. I really liked your dinosaur leaflet and your online safety leaflet (below).


I have extended both activities so all Mahogany children  can get a chance to carry out these activities.


Well done to R.GD for maintaining his reign as king of First News-keep up the good work!!yes 

Thank you for listening F.KC and making more of an effort when answering questions in First News. Ms Mullarkey really appreciates reading your answers now!laugh

Welcome to First News- A.C, M.T and E.K-glad you are now taking part!cool