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Elfrida Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Our Learning

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! smiley

We had a phonics hunt at the Community Garden. 

We went to the Community Garden and looked at different vehicles. We discussed different moving parts. 

We have been learning about time this week! 

We looked at different materials at the Community Garden. 

We completed a shape investigation. 

At Elfrida School we follow 'Essential Letters and Sounds' DFE approved scheme to teach phonics. Phonics is the process that ensures children have the skills to break words into a sound system, building letter and word recognition. Children learn to segment words to help support their spelling ability and to blend sounds together to read words. Once phonics are learnt and children can read fluently, they can then develop other reading skills such as comprehension and acquiring knowledge in order to access the whole curriculum.

Look at our lovely Easter Bonnets! We hope you all have a lovely Easter. smiley

We worked together to complete a Maths investigation. 

Phonics Week!

Look at all the amazing work we did during Science Week and Eco Warrior Day!

We made our door into a book cover for World Book Week. The book that we used was 'The Lion Inside.'

We have looked at routine and have also created patterns.  

We have been finding rhyming words. yes

We made Diwa lamps to celebrate Diwali. smiley

We have been using number grids to help us count on :).

All of the children have had a lovely start to year 1. They have taken part in a number of different activities to help them with their learning. In maths the children have been counting forwards and backwards and in English they have been sequencing the story 'Around the World with Max and Lemon.'