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Alphabet Fitness (19.11.20)

PE- 18.11.20 Joe Wicks (Kids Beginners Workout)


Do this fun workout with Joe Wickes today (some of the exercises are with his daughter)! Enjoy!

PE - 17.11.20 A Cosmic Kid Yoga Adventure


Even though we are self-isolating it is important to try and keep active (remember what we learnt about exercise in relation to keeping our brain healthy)! Oh yes Mrs Efrat and I did a Kahoot quiz for our classes to end our Science topic on 'Our Amazing Brain!' We were supposed to do it this week but don't worry we will do the quiz on the Monday you're back in school (30.11.20)


Today I would like you to do the above activity (can you remember any of the yoga poses I have taught you for e.g. Child Pose, Warrior 1 + 2, Aeroplane, Mountain)? I hope you enjoy the Cosmic Kid Yoga Adventure.