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Home Learning Gallery

Week beginning 1st March

Here is what the children at home have been doing during their final week at home...

O'Daine has been cooking spaghetti bolognese for his family - another budding chef :-)

O'Daine enjoys cooking; he didn't follow a written recipe, but his mum's instructions.  Here is a list of the ingredients he used:

  • Mince
  • Pasta,
  • Oil
  • Onions
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic
  • All purpose seasonings 
  • Bolognese source 

DT - Cooking in celebration of St David's Day

Marley has been very busy. I think we have a chef in the making :-). Here he is making a Snowdonia Milkshake

Marley's Welsh Cakes

Snowdonia Milkshake strikes again - Monique this time.

Art - The Photography Challenge

Your task this week was to take photographs of your space and, if possible, to edit them, either by cropping, changing the colour, whatever you wanted.  But, the challenge was to take photographs of your space that tell others things about you.  Here are the ones I have received so far.  Can you tell whose photographs they are and what does it tell them about this person?


Week beginning 22nd February 


Here is what children at home have been doing...


Wellbeing Wednesday Walk - Sonny went for a wellbeing walk with some members of his family.

Baking challenge - Marley baked chocolate brownies

More Orange Fizz Investigations - Marley

Orange Fizz Science - Leona had a go!

More Purim activities - Sonny made and used his noise maker - Ra'ashan/Gregger

Sonny shaking his ra'ashan

Still image for this video

Jewish Celebration of Purim - Monique made a ra'ashan (noise maker or gregger)

Purim Thursday 25th Feb - Marley baked Hamentaschen (Yiddish) or Osnei Haman (Hebrew, Haman's Ears in English.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Monique's Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

Camron's Fortune Cookie

Still image for this video

Thursday 11th February - How to Draw a Dragon's Head

Chinese New Year cooking - Marley makes stir fry

Chinese New Year cooking - Monique making crispy shredded beef

Tommy's Shortbread

Snow fun....

Week 1st - 5th February - Brownie baking Ibrahim

Enzo baking brownies

Week of 1st - 5th February - DT Sonny baking brownies

Sonny's Brownie recipe

Monique baking brownies

Monique's brownie recipe

Week of 1st to 5th February - Street Art - Graffiti 'Throwies'

Week 1st to 5th Feb - Fruit still life for Ms Green's most recent art competition

Week of 1st - 5th February - History - Mayan Civilization

Week of 25th to 29th - DT baking shortbread in honour of Burns' Night

Week of 25th to 29th - Burns' Night - Celtic knots

Week of 18th - 22nd Jan - Cooking and Baking

Delphi's Banana Bread Recipe - why not have a go at making it too?

Ibrahim's comments on scone making and eating.

Physical Activities - Delphi has been our cycling. What physical activity have you been doing? Send in your photographs.

Mayan Civilisation Work

Mayan Quizzes - so far, only Leona has sent one in!!

Week of 11th - 15th Jan Cooking and Baking

Geography - The Grand Canyon

Frida Kahlo inspired self-portraits

History - Building the NHS