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Saplings - Nursery



We would love to see what you have been doing at home. Remember we have an email address that you can send pictures of what you have been doing into Nursery so that we can all see it and then we can put it on our web page!


The email address is:




Here is a picture of Romero from the morning Nursery session working hard to practise his letters and writing. Well done Romero, so great to see you working so hard! Remember everyone, you can send me pictures of what you have been doing at home via the Nursery email (see address above) and we can share it on the Nursery page. Take care, stay safe everyone!





The next block of home learning is here! This time it is called 'Around the World' and has lots of activities about different countries and cultures from around the world. Have fun and let us see what you have been doing!

Here are some activities that you might like to look at in connection with Windrush Day.



You can also use the Interactive Google Library which has a great selection of books. Just click on a book cover and start reading!



Well done to Romero who has been painting and practicing riding his bike whilst he has been at home! Keep up the great work Romero!




Please see below pictures of the home learning for the next two weeks. It is based on 'food' this time. I have put the link to the document below the pictures also as your grownups will need it to click on the links to take you to the fun activities! If you would like to show the Nursery adults what you have done by getting your grown up to take a picture and email it to me, then please use the email address:




Home Learning for week beginning 8th June 2020! This week it is all about food! Have fun and remember to send in your work to the Nursery email address so we can all see it.




Well done!


Look at the great maze that Morgan made at home! Can you guess what he made it from? That's right, it is made from pasta pieces, stuck into a shape of a maze. Look at the picture and see if you can work out how to get through the maze without getting stuck!

Well done Morgan - this is wonderful work! Thank you for sending in your photograph!







Fantastic Work!

It is so great to receive an email which shows us all in the Nursery what some of you have been doing at home! If you look at the pictures below, you will see Yasmin has been busy painting and making hand-prints with paint. She has also been looking after her bean plant! I can see it is starting to grow! Well done Yasmin! Keep up the great work.







Remember you can send your pictures into me via the Elfrida Nursery email address. We would all love to hear form you!


From the Nursery staff 






Well Done!


Look at these lovely pictures of Esme from the morning Nursery. She has been busy watering her bean plant that she took home before Nursery closed. Look how tall it has grown! Amazing! She has also been doing some colouring - well done Esme, you have been busy at home!




Please do send any pictures of what you have been doing to the Nursery email address or if you want to write and tell me what you have been doing, it would be lovely to hear from you!

The email address is







Thank you to Murtaza and Yasmin who sent in pictures of what they have been doing at home. If you want to show what you have been busy doing at home then you can get your grown up to take a picture and send it to the Nursery email address and we will put it on the Nursery web page for everyone to see! 


Well done Murtaza and Yasmin, you have been busy doing colouring and crafts. What an excellent idea to use your hand prints to make some art work. Everyone at Nursery can see that you have tried so hard with your colouring - you must have been holding your colouring pencils correctly to do great colouring like that!


We would all love to see anything that you have been doing, so please do send anything you would like to share to 


Take care and stay safe everyone!


















The Nursery has got its own email address!!! This means that you can email and let us know what you have been doing whilst at home on lockdown, or you could take photos of some of the home learning activities you have been up to and send them in too. If you wanted to ask any questions, or just let us know how you are, then you can use the email address!!


Remember Nursery children, you stay safe on the computer and use it with your grown up!


All the staff at the Nursery would love to hear from you, so please use the email address and get in touch!













Have a look on the page that is called 'Home Sports Day' to see all the activities available for you to have your own sports day at home!! Anyone who is at home with you can join in and there are even some certificates for you!! Have a great time and if you can get out into an outside space, enjoy the sunshine!







Hello everyone!! Here are some more exciting activities for you to do while you are at home. This week the activities are all about animals! Remember, anything that you would like us to see, take a picture of it and get your grown up to send it into school on the email. Everyone from Nursery misses you all. Stay safe everyone and take care!






Below is a (very) draft timetable for a programme that the Children’s Centres will run in June/July 2020 aimed at providing information and support to parents of children starting school in September in light of C19 pandemic. Remember to keep checking the website and when we receive a fully up to date timetable, it will be posted here, but until then you will have an idea of what the Children's Centres are proposing for support.








Hi everyone. We all hope that you are well and staying safe at home. We have put together some more exciting activities that you could work through whilst you are at home, this time based on 'the area that you live'. We hope that you have fun trying out some of the ideas, just click on link below to open the word document. If you want to show us what you have been doing, then get your grown up to take a picture and email it to school. Take care and we will see you soon. From Mez, Sian, Jasmin, Julie and Sevda



Draw With Rob


If you want to have a go at drawing pictures with an author and illustrator, then go to Google and type in 'Draw With Rob' and you will see lots of videos by Rob Biddulph. You can follow along with his youtube videos where he will give you easy step by step instructions on how to draw characters from his books. I have had a go at a few with my children and it is such good fun. All you need is some paper and a pencil! Have a go and keep it safe to show us all when you come back to Nursery. 











Telescopes with Repeating Patterns!


This week me and my children have made telescopes. We used old cereal boxes and practised using the scissors carefully to cut off the broken parts. I then helped them fold the box so it made a tube shape and we stuck it together using sellotape. 

We then used paints to paint a repeating pattern on the telescope! One telescope had a repeating colour pattern of blue, yellow, blue, yellow and the other telescope had a repeating colour pattern of blue, orange, purple, blue, orange, purple.


Could you make a telescope at home and think about a repeating pattern you could add onto it? It could be different colours like we did or shapes or dots - its up to you!! Have fun!







See below for some ideas to keep you active at home! There is a timetable for you to follow which has lots of different fun sporty activities to follow. Have fun and stay active!!

See below for some links to some exercise based activities for the children.

WEEK BEGINNING 20/04/20 Hello all! Everyone at Nursery hopes that you and your family are well and keeping safe. We know some days can be difficult when you have to stay at home and you can't come to school to see your friends and teachers, but remember that you are doing great! The teachers at Nursery have had a think about some activities that you might like to do at home and we have put them together here. Have a look and have a go! You can save any pictures and work you do and bring them in for us to see when we are back to school. We all miss you and hope to see you all soon!




To all parents of children going to Reception in September 2020......


Please remember that today is National Offer Day for a Primary school place for your child.


In most London boroughs from 5pm today (Thursday 16th April) the emails with your school allocation will be sent out. 


When you receive this email, you must then log into the eadmissions website and accept the place. This can be done using the username and password that you used when applying for the place. 


If you haven't got an offer that you were expecting then you should email or call the school from Monday.  Please do contact the school if you have concerns regarding this.






Hi children,

Everyone from nursery says hello and hopes that you are all staying safe inside your houses. We all miss you and we look forward to seeing you all soon, whenever that may be. I thought I would show you something that I made with my children this week. We used whatever we could find in the house and we made a rocket. We have practiced counting backwards from 5 to 0 and we have written a label that says 'blast off'. Maybe you could make something too? We used a round biscuit box and found some tissue paper to make the rocket fire. We had some numbers but not the number 4, so we wrote that on the outside.

Make sure to save any creations you make at home as when we are back at Nursery we could make a home learning display with all of your lovely work in it.   




Look at some of these ideas that you could do at home over the next week! Have a go and let us know all about how you got on when we come back to Nursery.






Window Wonderland


As one of your activities whilst learning at home you could use your artistic skills to create a beautiful picture. When you have finished your picture you can ask an adult to stick it in your front window so others can see it when they walk past your house or flat. If you are out doing any exercise then you can also spot pictures in the windows too.

I am sure that your beautiful artwork will make other people smile.


March 27th - Sunsets


March 31st - Silly Faces


April 3rd - Animals


April 6th - Space


April 9th - Easter
















We thought that if you have any Lego or Duplo at home you might want to start the 30 Day LEGO/DUPLO Challenge. The children will love it. It promotes problem solving, team work, creativity, life skills and of course it is great fun!!










Hello!! All the staff in the Nursery just wanted to pop up and say hello and tell you all that we have been thinking of you all week. We hope you are keeping safe and well and making the most of the time with your family.Keep smiling because all of your teachers think you are all great! 






As schools will be closing Nursery have listed some exciting activities that you can do at home. Click on the link that will take you to the document. There are also some links to websites that you can visit for activities. Nursery will keep posting activities and ideas of things to do at home in this time, so keep visiting the class page on the website. Take care everyone.

Here are some websites that you may find interesting activities to do with your child whilst the Nursery is closed. - parents can sign up for a months free subscription - this site has been made free to use. To access the resources you can use the following details to log on: USERNAME: march20  PASSWORD: home














Welcome to Saplings Nursery!

Mez, Sian, Jasmin, Julie and Sevda teach in the Nursery throughout the week. If you need any questions answered or issues discussed, please do speak to any one of us and we will help.

Day to day reminders!

  • Morning session starts at 8.45am - 11.45am
  • Afternoon session starts at 12.30pm - 3.30pm (children can be collected at 2.30pm on a Friday if parents / carers are collecting siblings from the main school). Please arrive on time at the end of the session to collect your child.




  • Please provide a bag with spare clothes in for your child. They may become wet or messy and need to be changed.




  • Books can be changed as many times a week as you like. Please use the book stand in the entrance and only take a book when you have returned the one you have read! All children should receive a book bag and remember to colour in a star every time you share a book together so your child can get a certificate at the end of the term!




  • If your child is unwell, please do telephone the main school office to let us know.




  • On a Tuesday we have Parent Library. You are encouraged to come into Nursery and share a book with your child in our reading area. What a fantastic opportunity to read together! Stay when you drop them off in the morning or afternoon session and younger siblings are welcome too!






Look at all the lovely costumes the morning Nursery children came to school in for World Book Day 2020! We have Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, The Ace of Hearts, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Mr Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Horrid Henry, Peter Pan, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Rupunzel, Ana from Frozen, The Demon Dentist and a Princess!! Well done morning Nursery children! Scroll down to see the costumes from the afternoon Nursery children......

World Book day continued into the afternoon and we had a whole new set of fantastic costumes to celebrate. There were two Mary Poppins, Batman and Batgirl, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, two Spidermen, an astronaut, a unicorn, an angel, lots of princesses, Wheres Wally?, a chef and Captain America! Such fantastic costumes everyone. We have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day 2020 in the Nursery!






Please remember that every Tuesday parents and carers can come into the Nursery and join in with reading to the children. There are lots of books in our book corner and you are more than welcome to come in, pull up a cushion and spend some time sharing a book with your child and their friends. If you feel brave you could always read a short story to all of them!


Every Tuesday at drop off time in the Nursery!








As part of Science Week Nursery will be doing lots of Science based activities. We will mostly be focusing on our 'Growing' topic and we will be setting up our Nursery garden together throughout the week. We are hoping to grow potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, sunflowers, beans, and a range of flowers! We will be doing lots of predicting, observing and investigating. Come back to the website as often as you can to see our progress!


You can also take part in Science based activities at home. There is a link below that will give you ideas of activities that don't take long and don't require lots of resources for you to have a go at with your child at home! Activities such as these can spark excellent scientific conversations and allow your child to learn new words - as well as being fantastic fun! If you do any of these activities at home and you can take some pictures for the Nursery class page that would be wonderful!


Good luck and have fun!



Thank you to all the parents and carers who have so far come into read with the children in the Nursery. Everyone has loved having you! Remember, you can come every day this week at drop off. Hope to see you soon!


Book Week


This week is World Book week so within the Nursery there will be some Book Week activities taking place this week.


Each day parents / carers are welcome into the Nursery to share a book with your child and their friends. This will happen at the beginning of each session. 


On THURSDAY the children can come to Nursery dressed as a book character. 


On FRIDAY at 2.30pm there will be a display of children's work from across the school in the main hall. 



Don't forget £1 book tokens will be coming home with your child this week, so please do use them to get £1 off any book or audiobook worth £2.99 or more at all participating bookshops and supermarkets.


Also, please do take every opportunity to read and share a story with your child at home. We want everyone reading from breakfast to bedtime!







Below you will find some ideas of ways that you can help your child at home with the targets set for them on Academic Review Day. 

Do try to do some of the activities, they are fun and a good way for your child to practice different skills that are connected to their ARD targets. 

Any thing that your child does at home please do bring into Nursery for us all to see!!








We use the song 'Jolly Phonics' when we are doing phonics in the Nursery. The children have been learning the actions to go with each song for each letter sound to help them remember. Put the song on by using YouTube and learn the letter sounds and actions together! Have fun!

You can use the alphabet card to support your child in trying to write some letters from their name. Use the picture also to make sure your child is holding the pencil or pen correctly.

Some activities that you could do together at home are - playdough - this will strengthen hand muscles ready for early writing. You could use rolling pins and cutters also. If you have anything that can be threaded onto string at home, for example pasta, this is also good for practicing fine motor skills. You could count the cars you see on the way to school to practice counting to ten. You could look at words you see on the way to Nursery and say them to each other. You could play a game together where you have to take it in turns for your go.

Reading together is a great activity to do at home. You could talk about the story, talk about the pictures, ask your child questions, ask them what their favourite part was and they can practice sitting and listening for a short period of time! We have been reading Julie Donaldson books this half term, so you could read them again at home with your child!

On ARD we will be giving you 'Home Observation' sheets. This is a great opportunity for you to write down anything amazing that your child does at home that you think we should know about in Nursery. We can then add these to your child's profile! The letter and observation template is here for you to see if you missed it at ARD.





It is Academic Review Day on FRIDAY 14TH FEBRUARY. Please make sure you have an appointment booked with your child's key person so that you can hear about their progress, find out about targets and look at their profile. The appointment will be in the school hall, so please come to the main school building and not the Nursery gate. If you cant make your appointment, please do call the school office so that they can pass on the message and we can rearrange a time to meet. 


Remember, there is no Nursery on this day!

Please see the Spring Term Curriculum letter below

The latest Nursery Newsletter is now available. Please do read it carefully as it is full of useful information regarding your child's time at Nursery!

On January 23rd Saplings have agreed to take part in the National Dental Health Nursery aged Survey. The dental team will be finding out about the children's teeth through a quick examination and if the children don't want to take part on the day, they wont be forced to. This visit fits in well with another activity taking place in the week where we have an oral health class activity visit, so we will be focusing on looking after our teeth that week! If you are happy for your child to take part in this examination then please complete the consent form (both sides) and return to Nursery. There is also an information for parents sheet so that you know exactly what will be happening on the day. The link to the consent form and information is below.



Welcome to all of our new children and families that have joined us in January. We look forward to getting to know you all and have fun with your children. Settling can be a nervous and worrying time for parents and carers, so if you have any concerns or worries please do speak to a member of the Nursery team who will do their best to alleviate any problems. If there is any information that you forgot to let us know on home visits, please do speak to us. We look forward to working together to make your child's start to school learning a fun and enjoyable time!! 



We will be having the Nursery Christmas party on Tuesday 17th December. The children can wear party clothes and any donations of crisps, biscuits or cakes would be gratefully received!



Please remember to go online and apply for your child's Reception place. This must be done by 15th January 2020. If you need any support to complete this, please do come and speak to a member of the Nursery staff who will be able to help you.




Look at our lovely outfits for Elf Day / Christmas jumper day!



Remember that on Friday it is Children in Need day. We are having a 'Wear Your Spots Day' where we are inviting everyone to wear something spotty for a suggested donation of £1.00.


Also remember that there is competition which your child can enter. You should have received a letter from Nursery with a picture of Pudsey Bear on the back. All you need to do is get your child to colour it in as imaginatively as possible and bring it back to school by Friday. 


The pictures will be judged and your child might end up winning a prize!!!


Lets work together for an excellent cause!




Week beginning 11/11/19 We have been very busy this week! We have found out about Remembrance Day and made our own poppy wreaths. We watched a video and had a talk about why we wear poppies and what the day symbolises for people. We have also been practicing writing letters from our names using our name cards, whiteboards and the interactive whiteboard! This week was exciting as we had our new bikes and scooters out to use. We focused on sharing, turn taking and waiting for our time patiently. Have a look at the pictures below to see what else we have been doing this week!




Applying for Reception


Please remember that if your child is due to enter Reception in September 2020, then you must apply online by January 15th 2020.


If you need support with the online application then please make an appointment with either Mez or Sarah who will be able to help.


Letter sent to parents regarding the application process can be found below.



Information on how to apply for a Reception place online

Week ending Friday 11th October- We have had a lovely week of looking at our families and finishing off learning all about the seasons. As it gets colder please don't forget to send you child in with a coat, hat, scarf and gloves. We are starting to get deliveries of new things for the children to explore and this week they throughly enjoyed our new music area. WEll DONE to mahmoud ( for some brilliant speaking this week)and Alarnie ( for her wonderful tree watercolour paining) who got our certificate awards today in the afternoon and Sarah is particulary proud of the 8 children in the morning who went up to the harvest festival assembly and did some superb sitting, listening and singing- WELL DONE!

NEWSLETTER 2....................................................... READ ALL ABOUIT IT!

THANK YOU! Thanks to the wonderful parents in Nursery we managed to raise £30 to help Macmillan cancer care. The children all did a wonderful job of decorating and helping Sarah to make this this possible. A special shout out to Livie May who won a special Friday award because she helped so much.

This week we have been painting self portraits and reading 'So much'. We have been singing counting songs, matching the sorting elephants to pattern strips and talking about the change of season. outside we have been conker painting, exploring the ice cream sand tray and enjoying the ball throwing targets. Next week we will be reading Funny Bones and talking about skeletons.

Conker crazy

Still image for this video
we went conker crazy in Nursery this week when we explored painting with conkers.

Week ending 20th September- We have had a great time this week learning all about the lazy Farmer Duck and how we need to help our friends earlier in the week with Mez. With Sarah began to focus on family and the different people we have in our families. We are reading 'So much' By Trish cooke which the children thoroughly enjoyed today at story time. We have started to practice our writing skills with our new markmaking challenge sheets and some of the children are already beginning to form some of the letters in their names! In Maths we have been learning counting songs and matching amounts of ladybirds or counters to numbers. Today we handed out certificates to Chyna for being a wonderful friend, Safa for settling in so quickly and Oscar for being a super tidy upper. Next week we will be giving out Friday certificates to the morning children so lets see who the lucky children will be. Thank you so much for your donations of cereal and flour. We have lots of cornflakes already so any other type of cereal would be wonderful. Next week we will be decorating cakes on Thursday to sell at our Nursery Macmillan 'juice' and cake stay and play sessions so bring your pennies along and stay a little to play with your child. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Newsletter number 1 and curriculum letter- Have a read of what we have been and will be doing in our curriculum letter. Dont forget to look at the newsletter for any important notices for parents of Saplings Nursery. To save paper we will no longer be printing them out so please take the time to have a look at our newsletter so you don't miss anything.

We have had a wonderful week welcoming all of our new children to our Nursery and the existing children have really set a wonderful example.

 We have been having so much fun reading the 'Owl Babies' story by Martin Waddell and talking about how mummies and daddies will always come back. We have been practising our counting skills by joining in with some counting songs and rhymes and doing some super doper funky dancing . Here are some photos of what we have got up to so far this year.