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Fruit in school

Fruit is provided to all of our children from Nursery to Year 2.  This fruit comes through the Government's fruit in school scheme.

We believe that healthy eating is really important and all the children are encouraged to eat fruits they know and try new fruits and vegetables regularly.

The Nursery children often sit down for a fruit snack time together and fruit is provided for both the morning and the afternoon sessions.  In Reception the children have access to their fruit during their morning session.  For children in Years 1 and 2 they help themselves to fruit during morning play.

Apples and pears are always popular, as are carrots!  We love the summer when the strawberries come in!

We make sure that all children are aware of the importance of eating healthily.  Imaginative play is a great way to promote healthy living.
In KS2 children are encouraged to bring their own healthy fruit snack from home to eat during morning play.  Children like to bring in grapes, apples, bananas and even raisins!  Any fruit or vegetable is great to have as a snack at playtime - just don't forget to take it outside with you!