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Please be advised that if you have any questions or queries, you can contact Mrs Williams directly by emailing her at the following email address:


Read these lovely poems that Baobab wrote for Remembrance Day.

Baobab enjoying learning about 'more than/ less than and equal to' symbols in Maths.

Baobab children really enjoyed learning the song about these symbols in Maths this term. This is just one of many songs on a free site called 'Go Noodle.'


Maths - Finding Equivalent Fractions to Calculate with Them.


This week, Year 6 have been finding equivalent fractions by finding common denominators in order to calculate with them (adding and subtracting).  They have had great fun playing with dice and dominos to generate mixed numbers for their calculations.

Information Texts


This week (week beginning 19.10.20) Year 6 are focusing on information texts in literacy.  They have been looking at non-fiction books and identifying the features of information texts in preparation for writing their own information text about our amazing brains.

Baobab’s Diversity Story -All Are Welcome

Baobab Photo Gallery



Our Amazing Brain


In science, Year 6 have been learning about their brains.  They are training to become mini neuroscientists!  This has involved them learning the names for the different lobes of the brain in Latin.  Please ask them if they can remember them. 


As well as learning the Latin names, they have been finding out what each lobe is responsible for.  This week (beginning 5th October) they labelled and added information on the the left and right side of a brain and then cut them out to make a hemisphere hat. 


Lots of fun and jokes were shared whilst busily working on their  hemisphere hats.  Please ask questions to see what they can remember about our amazing brain. Below are some photographs of them at work and wearing their finished hemisphere hats.

How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson

We have been focusing on this book in literacy.  The children have been learning the features of persuasive language and have created wanted posters and are currently in the process of writing persuasive letters to do with the pros and cons of immortatility. 


Over the past few  weeks, they have been learning about subordinate clauses and subordinate conjunctions.  Ask them what 'I SAW A WABUB' means?  They have also been using rhetorical questions in their writing.  In addition, they learnt a song to help them remember how to use colons and semicolons.  Why don't you see if they can remember it and how to use the above punctuation marks?


Below, are some of their wanted posters.



What Went Well - week ending 091020

Post-it notes from week ending 021020.

Baobab's Seasonal Greeting Cards.

Year 6 made lava lamps in Science using vegetable oil, food colouring and Alka Seltzer tablets. Ask your child what happened when they added the Alka Seltzer tablet - the gas that was produced and the meaning of the word hydrophobic? 


Mrs Williams and the year 6 team are looking forward to meeting their new class in September. smiley

Home learning Resource


Click the link below for home learning videos

Yr 5/6 gate entrance

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Year 6 will be welcomed into school via the year 5/6 gate.

Yr 5/6 walkway

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Yr 6 playground door

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Baobab classroom entrance

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Important information for children returning in September:

On Thursday 3rd September the children will be returning to school. They will be welcomed back by their previous teacher Mr Walker and will be introduced to Ms Williams, their new teacher, on Friday 4th September.


Baobab class children are to enter and leave school through the yr 5/6 gates. Children are to line up on Elfrida Crescent. Children will be collected from the gates by their teacher and TA. Parents will not be allowed on site. 

We are encouraging only one parent to drop off and collect their child to reduce large groups occurring outside the school gates.


Start time: 8:45am  Finish time: 3:20pm (2:20 pm on Fridays)



Secondary school applications

Parents, you will be able to begin to apply for secondary schools from September 1st 2020. Elfrida will be forwarding further information to you shortly. Please do visit the websites of schools you are interested in and visit: