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Baobab - Year 6

Welcome to Baobab Class Page.

Sports Day 23rd June


We were so fortunate that the weather on Sports Day was shining bright for us! We enjoyed eating our packed lunch on the fields of Sedgehill and then it was time to start each event. All the children enjoyed competing against each other in their House Teams and fun was had by everyone! We had some technical issues with cameras but here are the photographs and the videos we managed to take!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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The Children Take Over!


Last week, Year 6 wrote formal letters of application for the chance to teach a lesson to their peers.  The children also had to submit a lesson plan together with their letter in the hope of being one of the five successful candidates to teach a lesson to the rest of the class.  This week, the five successful candidates taught their lessons!


Leon - WW2 (Operation Mincemeat).

Angela - Schools in China

Leah - Art (How to draw a Chinese dragon).

Jetmira - PE

Stephen - PE

Welcome back to school and the start of the summer term.  This is the final stretch for our Year 6 children who will be leaving us at the end of this school year. 


We are hoping that they will get the opportunity to participate in some fun activities throughout this term to mark their final journey with us and to make some more happy memories of their time at Elfrida, no matter how long or short it has been


Eid Mubarak

May Allah bless your life and fulfil all your wishes and Dua’s.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the families celebrating Eid a very happy holiday.  Who would have thought you would have to be celebrating yet another Eid under lockdown restrictions.  We hope that you have managed to make the most of your celebrations despite the current restrictions.


Eid Mubarak to you all and your families! May this Eid bring nothing but joy and peace for all. Have a safe and happy Eid day!


Well done to the following children who have fasted throughout Ramadan and have managed to stay focused on their learning: Mariatu, Mohammed, Ramazan, Mamadu and Enes.

Welcome back to school and the start of the summer term.  This is the final stretch for our Year 6 children who will be leaving us at the end of this school year. 

Fun Day Friday (14th May)

We have recently introduced the idea of Fun Day Friday in Year 6.  This is in some way to compensate them from not being able to go on school journey.  We are trying to find time to fit in some fun activities for them to enjoy.


Today, we started off with a board games session which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Playing games and having fun with their friends.


After playtime, Year 6 got together in Bodhi class to watch the film Mulan.  We chose this film as it fits in with their learning about the kings of the Shang Dynasty and their research into the tomb of Fu Hao, the wife of king Wu Ding as the character Mulan is based on Fu Hao.



Board Games

Year 6 watching Mulan

DT - Cooking - Thursday 22nd April 2021

This week, Year 6 had the pleasure of making savoury tartlets.  They are now experts, not just at making pastry, but at making delicious pastry.  They filled their tartlets with a choice of ingredients: chicken, cheese, onion, peppers, sweetcorn and mushrooms.   As they were cooking, a fragrant aroma filled the KS1 building making people feel very hungry indeed!

Bridge Building Challenge

Year 6 had great fun trying to build the strongest bridge possible out of recyclable items.  The only stipulation was that it had to be 30cm long.  Before starting to build, the children looked at different types of bridges to get ideas for their own.  They worked extremely well together in groups of four to produce their bridges. I think we have some future engineers in the making!

Science Week - Biscuit Dunking Investigation


This week we are celebrating science week.  Today (17th March) Year 6 all took part in a biscuit dunking investigation.  They tested 3 different  biscuits: shortbread, ginger snaps and custard creams.  For all the dunkers out there, Baobab class recommend Custard Creams as the ultimate dunking biscuit.  They were the winners with Ginger Snaps coming a close second!

Monday March 8th - Back to School

What Went Well - Week ending12.03.21

Baobab made Dream Catchers this week (08.03.21). Dream Catchers were originally made by the Native Americans (Ojibwa). They were made by grandparents for newborn babies to hang over their cradles to give them peaceful and beautiful dreams.

The Year 6 Team are all looking forward to welcoming all the children back to school on Monday 8th March.  It will be so great to see them all face to face after such a long time away.  We hope you are all as excited as we are.


Below, you will find the Year 6 curriculum letter where you can find information about what the children will be learning.  We are hoping it will be fun and interesting.

Spring 2 Curriculum Letter

Gate opening times


Year six gates will open at 8:45am. Afternoon gates will open at 3:10pm ( Mon-Thurs) and 2:10pm on Fridays. Please remember to wear your masks when dropping off and adhere to social distances measures-Thank you.


Watch the gate reminder video below.


See you on Monday!

Yr 5/6 gate entrance

Still image for this video
Year 6 will be welcomed into school via the year 5/6 gate.

St David's Day


St David is the patron saint of Wales and he is celebrated on the 1 March.


To mark the day, Welsh people around the world wear one or both of Wales's national emblems - a daffodil and a leek. Special concerts and parades are also usually held in St David's honour.


Patron saints are chosen to be special protectors or guardians over all areas of life.

EnglandIreland and Scotland also have their own patron saint, to whom they dedicate a day.


Find out more about St David's Day using the link below and by doing the activities that have been put on Teams.  


Jewish Festival of Purim - Thursday 25th February 2021


'Every year Jewish people from all over the world wear fancy dress to celebrate the beginning of the festival of PurimPurim celebrates the courage of a Jewish girl called Esther who married the King of Persia, and saved the Jewish people living there from being killed over 2000 years ago.'

Purim: The Jewish festival in pictures - CBBC Newsround


To find out more about this colourful celebration click on the CBBC website below. Why not design a poster which tells us all about this celebration (activity in this week's lessons under the RE icon). Please take pictures of your completed posters and send them to me via our class webpage. For more exciting activities check out Microsoft Teams where you can find 2 DT activities (one baking challenge and the other is to make your own Gragger)...!

Watch Eden and Lu-Lu take part in a fancy dress catwalk at school on the above CBeebies website.

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Ox


Wishing everyone who is celebrating a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year of the Ox.  Enjoy your celebrations.

Friday 12th February - Chinese New Year 2021 - Year of the Ox


This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme this year is 'Express Yourself.' The idea is to get children (and adults) to find creative ways to  share their thoughts and emotions through a variety of activities including dance, music and art. The charity Place2Be has a fantastic range of ideas and activities for you to explore. Find the website below and a message from the Duchess of Cambridge who is the Patron of the charity. 




Big Maths Challenges - 27.01.21

Well done to the following children who have completed their Big Maths challenges today: Leon, Kevin, Michael, Makayla, Makhi, Stephen and Robert. :-)

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2021

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.   Apparently, landmarks around London will be lit up in purple later in honour of Holocaust Memorial day.


Good morning lovely Baobab - I hope you are all safe and well?

Did you know that today most of Scotland will be celebrating Burns Night? It commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. The day also celebrates Burns' contribution to Scottish culture. His best known work is Auld Lang Syne. Find out more about this celebration today. Below you will find an assortment of activities that you can do throughout this week (there are other resources on Microsoft Teams - e.g. design your own tartan, colouring pages...)! 


Make some delicious shortbread!

Burns' night related baking - Shortbread Recipe - Send in your photographs of you making it and the finished product. Make sure you have adult supervision.

BIG MATHS - 26.01.21

Well done to the following children who have already completed their Big Maths this week: Olu,

Ethan, Mariatu, Leah, Poppy and Gracielaugh.



Big well done the to following children who have already completed all their challenges for this week: Olu, Ethan, Mariatu, Leah, Poppy and Gracie.  Fantastic job.  


Make sure you all get them done as soon as possible. Don't wait until Friday!



BIG MATHS 22.01.21

Congratulations to the children who completed Big Maths this week: Khylan, Leon, Taya, Ethan, Mariatu, Kevin, Miles, Michael, Makayla, Poppy, Makhi, Gracie, Stephen and Robertyeslaugh

If you haven't completed your Big Maths yet (and there are quite a few of you) then you still have until Sunday!

19.01.21 -BIG MATHS.

Well done to the children who completed their Big Maths today:- Ethan, Mariatu, Poppy, Gracie, Stephen and Robertlaugh.

18.01.21 BIG MATHS.
Well done to the children who have completed their Big Maths today. They are: Khylan, Leon, Makhi and Leahlaughyes.





Well done to these children who have completed reading comprehensions on First News IHUB: Leon, Miles, Kevin, Mariatu, Grey, Nathan, Kayla, Olu, Ethan, Mamadu, Michael, Jovani, Shomari, Leah and Siaralaugh

TT Rock Stars

Please make sure you are logging on to TT Rock Stars to practise your times tables.  Your log in details are the same as last lockdown.  If you need them resent to you let me know via the class email or Purple Mash and I will send them to you.

13.01.21 - Big Maths Challenges

Well done to the following children who completed their Big Maths challenges today: Angela, Leah, Michael, Jovani and Jetmira. blushyes

There are still 15 pupils who have not yet completed them yet.  Please get them done as soon as possible.laugh

12.01.21- Big Maths


Well done to the children who completed their Big Maths today: Leah,

Michael, Jetmira, Jovani and Gracie.laughyes

11.01.21 Big Maths.


Well done to the children who have already completed their Big Maths so far this week: Olu, Khylan, Makayla, Leon, Sho’mari, Poppy, Mia, Mariatu and Ethan laughyes.

Virtual Junior Citizenship Event


Please do not forget to join the Virtual Junior Citizenship event on Tuesday morning (12th Jan) at 9:30 -11:00.  The link has been emailed to your parents.  Hope you can all access it.

Look forward to hearing what you thought about it and what you learnt from it.


Thank you to those children who  managed to join me today on Microsoft Teams (Makayla, Angela, Khylan, Kevin, Leon, Mia, Mamasu, Poppy and Ramazan). It was lovely to see you all looking so happy and positive. I hope you enjoyed the story. Take care, stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

BIG MATHS 08.01.21


Well done to these children who completed their Big Maths today: Nathan, Siara, Miles and Angela.








Do you like to sing? Lewisham Zoooom Choirs are offering FREE singing sessions from next Friday 4.30pm. If you are interested you need to register on:-

For more information have a look at the following poster!


BIG MATHS 07.01.21


Well done to the following children who completed their Big Maths today: Khylan, Leon, Taya, Mia, Kevin, Makayla, Makhi, Sho'mari, Ramazan and Stephensmiley. Remember you must complete it by tomorrow so I can announce who has been promoted. 




Good morning Baobab Class,


We hope you are all okay during this current lockdown and are staying safe.


Apologies for the late notification, but TODAY (7.01.21) LitFilmFest are putting on a meet an author session online for children to join. 


This will be live at 10:30am this morning with Claire Fayers, author of Storm Hound! Her book mixes NORSE MYTHOLOGY with WELSH LEGENDS... sounds bonkers.


You can watch live at 10.30 am TODAY! Just use the link below. There's a giveaway too!


We hope as many children as possible can join in live. 


Hope you enjoy it.

WIN a copy of Storm Hound | LitFilmFest Classrooms

In this episode of LitFilmFest Live, Tim talks to Claire Fayres about mixing Norse Mythology with Welsh Legends. Like, share or comment on this post for your...



Good morning Baobab. I hope you are all well? I would like to say well done to those children who have already completed their Big Maths (Olu, Ethan, Mariatu, Leah, Michael, Poppy and Grey). Additionally, a few of you have started the activities on Microsoft Teams (Khylan, Sho'mari and Jetmira). Everyone should be completing these activities unless your parent/carer has asked for a home-learning pack. I will be checking daily to mark and feedback on activities completed. If you are unsure about the work set, send me a message on Microsoft Teams or email me on our class webpage.


Mrs Dolphy, Mrs Grey and I hope to be running a few live online lessons with small groups. Details will follow soon. Please be aware that Mrs Dolphy and I will be calling your parent/carers this week to speak to you and see how you are and if you have any questions or concerns. Meanwhile, have a lovely day and we will speak soon.



Good morning lovely Baobab. I hope you have had a restful and safe holiday? Unfortunately, you are not back with us at school for now so we have to go back to online learning to continue your education. Please check our class page everyday for activities and messages. It is extremely important that you complete work that has been set and I will be checking on your progress daily. The last time we had to learn online you were given a Microsoft Teams login - please use this to assess work that we have set on there for you.

  • This includes 4 days of English (Short Stories) and a PowerPoint of short daily reading comprehensions. 
  • Maths - Daily Maths activities on PowerPoint.
  • Art Activity 

You should be able to write on the activities so you do not need to print them out and I will also be able to mark these and send you feedback.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this with the Art activity so when you have completed this, please take a picture and send it to me.

If you have mislaid your login for Microsoft Teams please let me know (via our class website) and I will resend them to you.

There are other activities for example PE and Wellbeing that are on our class page so please check these out as well (see yellow star below). Try and keep to a normal school day - if possible. Any problems or questions please let me know and remember you can use Microsoft Teams to contact me and each other as well (remember I will see all messages so please use sensibly and kindly)! Have a lovely day and I'll speak to you soon.


Happy New Year and I hope you and your family had a safe and Happy Christmas!


As you are aware Elfrida Primary School will be closed for the majority of children for the next two weeks! As before we will be ensuring that our children continue their education during this time. You will have received an email asking if your child has access to the internet or whether they will require a home learning pack - please let us have this information as soon as possible. 


If you have any concerns or would like to speak to me please use the class website stated below.


Please be advised that if you have any questions or queries, you can contact Mrs Williams directly by emailing her at the following email address:

Elf Day in Year 6


Monday 14th December was Elf Day in Year 6.  Many of the children came dressed as elves or in red and green.  They participated in different activities throughout the day: maths activity using a pair of compasses to make an aerial view of a snowman; end of 2020 general knowledge quiz; and making a paper ball reindeer.  Below are some photographs of the day.



Introduction to the Circulatory System


This week (beginning 30th November) Year 6 have been introduced to their new science topic, Animals Including Humans.  Their first lesson was to learn about blood and the circulatory system.  As well as learning lots, they had great fun making and drinking blood smoothies!  The four ingredients they used for their blood smoothies each represented a different component of blood:

raspberries for red blood cells, small white marshmallows for white blood cells, sprinkles for platelets and pineapple juice for plasma. 


Read these lovely poems that Baobab wrote for Remembrance Day.

Baobab enjoying learning about 'more than/ less than and equal to' symbols in Maths.

Baobab children really enjoyed learning the song about these symbols in Maths this term. This is just one of many songs on a free site called 'Go Noodle.'

Maths - Finding Equivalent Fractions to Calculate with Them.


This week, Year 6 have been finding equivalent fractions by finding common denominators in order to calculate with them (adding and subtracting).  They have had great fun playing with dice and dominos to generate mixed numbers for their calculations.

Information Texts


This week (week beginning 19.10.20) Year 6 are focusing on information texts in literacy.  They have been looking at non-fiction books and identifying the features of information texts in preparation for writing their own information text about our amazing brains.

Baobab’s Diversity Story -All Are Welcome

Baobab Photo Gallery



Our Amazing Brain


In science, Year 6 have been learning about their brains.  They are training to become mini neuroscientists!  This has involved them learning the names for the different lobes of the brain in Latin.  Please ask them if they can remember them. 


As well as learning the Latin names, they have been finding out what each lobe is responsible for.  This week (beginning 5th October) they labelled and added information on the the left and right side of a brain and then cut them out to make a hemisphere hat. 


Lots of fun and jokes were shared whilst busily working on their  hemisphere hats.  Please ask questions to see what they can remember about our amazing brain. Below are some photographs of them at work and wearing their finished hemisphere hats.

How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson

We have been focusing on this book in literacy.  The children have been learning the features of persuasive language and have created wanted posters and are currently in the process of writing persuasive letters to do with the pros and cons of immortatility. 


Over the past few  weeks, they have been learning about subordinate clauses and subordinate conjunctions.  Ask them what 'I SAW A WABUB' means?  They have also been using rhetorical questions in their writing.  In addition, they learnt a song to help them remember how to use colons and semicolons.  Why don't you see if they can remember it and how to use the above punctuation marks?


Below, are some of their wanted posters.



What Went Well - week ending 091020

Post-it notes from week ending 021020.

Baobab's Seasonal Greeting Cards.

Year 6 made lava lamps in Science using vegetable oil, food colouring and Alka Seltzer tablets. Ask your child what happened when they added the Alka Seltzer tablet - the gas that was produced and the meaning of the word hydrophobic? 


Mrs Williams and the year 6 team are looking forward to meeting their new class in September. smiley

Home learning Resource


Click the link below for home learning videos

Yr 5/6 walkway

Still image for this video

Yr 6 playground door

Still image for this video

Baobab classroom entrance

Still image for this video

Important information for children returning in September:

On Thursday 3rd September the children will be returning to school. They will be welcomed back by their previous teacher Mr Walker and will be introduced to Ms Williams, their new teacher, on Friday 4th September.


Baobab class children are to enter and leave school through the yr 5/6 gates. Children are to line up on Elfrida Crescent. Children will be collected from the gates by their teacher and TA. Parents will not be allowed on site. 

We are encouraging only one parent to drop off and collect their child to reduce large groups occurring outside the school gates.


Start time: 8:45am  Finish time: 3:20pm (2:20 pm on Fridays)



Secondary school applications

Parents, you will be able to begin to apply for secondary schools from September 1st 2020. Elfrida will be forwarding further information to you shortly. Please do visit the websites of schools you are interested in and visit: