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Wednesday 25th November 2020




As with Maths I have put your comprehension on Microsoft TEAMS. Please read the text at least two times before answering the questions. Can you try and complete the comprehension before three o'clock so that I can mark it.


If you have not been able to log onto Microsoft TEAMS - find a copy below.


Spellings 'ible' endings.

responsible, possible, flexible and sensible

Can you think of 5 other words that have the 'ible' ending?

e.g. compatible

Tuesday 24th November 2020 - Understanding simple, compound and complex sentences.

Today's focus in English are the different types of sentences (simple, compound and complex). Remember a clause contains a verb which is a simple sentence. A compound sentence has two clauses joined together with a coordinating  conjunction. We have done extensive  work on complex sentences so you should know what type of conjunctions and what types of clauses are in this type of  sentence?

This lesson includes two videos and 4 activities. Please try and complete ALL 4 activities.



The next 3 words on the Week 3 spelling list have 'able' endings which include accountable,

predictable and questionable. Can you think of or find 5 more words that have the 'able' ending?

Monday 23rd November 2020 - Exploring relative and subordinate clauses.


Today's focus in English are relative and subordinate clauses. Remember the difference between a clause and a phrase is that a clause contains a verb.

This lesson includes, two videos and three activities. Please ensure that you complete ALL the activities.


You can go to the 'Where Next?' at the end of the above activity and brush up on coordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.



Practise Week 3 spellings (this is on our class page under spellings). The first 3 words are language, dictionary and yacht. You will be tested on these on Monday 30th.