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Shout outs!


Well done to Hashed and Damien who have completed their Big Maths todaysmileyyes!


Well done to Sharon and Ediz who did their Big Maths todaysmileyyes!



Well done to Miriam who did her Big Maths todaysmileyyes!


Well done to Micheal who did his Big Maths todaysmileyyes!


Congratulations to Damien who did his Big Maths on Bank Holiday Monday! Well done smileyyes!

22.05.20 update

Well done to Temi and Brooklyn who completed their Big Maths this weeksmiley!


Well done to Che, Ediz,Freya and Sharon who have completed their Big Maths todaysmileyyes. If you haven't managed to do your Big Maths, you still have time!


Congratulations to Hashed who completed his Big Maths todaysmileyyes!


Well done to Ryan for completing his Big Maths todaysmileyyes!



Well done to Micheal, Skye, Miriam, and Damien who have already

completed their Big Maths today smileyyes!

A special 'shout out' to Ryan who won Mathematician of the Week

for Big Maths! Well done Ryansmiley!


Congratulations to Victor, Freya, Che, Ediz and Sharon for  completing their Big Maths todayyessmiley
If you haven’t completed yours there is still time!




Well done to Raihan for completing her Big Maths today smileyyes!



Well done to Harun and Micheal​​​​​​ who have done their Big Maths todaysmileyyes


Well done to Temi, Damien, Arthur, Miriam and Ryan for already completing their Big Maths this weeksmileyyes !


Well done to Sharon, Hashed, Raihan, Skye, Ediz, Freya, Blake and Holly who have completed their Big Maths this weeksmiley


Well done to Che, Harun and Chelsea for doing your Big Maths today!smiley


Well done to Michael, Ryan, Miriam and Damien who have already completed their Big Maths this week!smiley


Well done to Temi, HashedEdiz, Harun, Freya and Holly who completed their Big Maths today!



Shared Work

Have a look at our shared work area where you'll see activities completed by Freya, Ruby and Hashed. Well done!smiley

30.04.20 -

Well done to Ryan, Skye, MichaelMiriam and Damien for completing their Big Maths today! smiley

29.04.20 Well done to Che and Antonio for doing their Big Maths today!smiley
Well done to Arthur who has already completed his Big Maths for this week!! smiley

First News - IHUB


Congratulations to those of you who have completed more than 20 comprehensions on IHUB. Currently in the lead with the most points is Brooklyn with 28 completed and 11, 545 points.

Second is Victor (well done I've marked your recent one) with 26 completed and 9,775 points. Third is Skye who has completed 28 and has earned 8,375 points. 


Please keep doing these comprehensions, the texts are not too long and the subject matter is always interesting and current!


Purple Mash

Well done to Hashed and Harun who have already completed most of the RE activities on Purple Mash!