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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.


Murtaza has been busy completing his work on Goldilocks! Well done Murtaza.

Yasmin has been busy completing work on Goldilocks! Well done Yasmin.

Amelia has been working hard this week. Well done!

Here are some photos of Jack enjoying a walk in the park, his cutting out of the Goldilocks pictures and practising his pencil control! Well done Jack

Here is Romero having fun in the sun on his scooter and in the park.

Amelia has also been busy with the Goldilocks work. Well done!

Anna has been enjoying the Goldilocks story and has been practising her counting and adding.

Here is Vienna painting and in the snow. The last photos shows Vienna with some birthday balloons because it was her birthday! Happy Birthday Vienna! We all hope you have a lovely day.

Here is Ignacy putting chocolate spread on his pancake! Yum yum!

Yasmin and Murtaza have had a new addition to their family - some fish! You'll have to tell us all about them when you come back to Nursery - what do you feed them? Have you given them names?

Here are some photos from half term. Here are some pictures of Jack. He has been crafting, going for walk, making and eating pancakes, doing puzzles and practising his writing.

Jack made his name out of sticks!!! Amazing Jack, well done!

Here is Amelia adding and writing numbers. Great work Amelia!

Look how hard Atarah is concentrating on practising her numbers. Well done Atarah.

Jack has again been busy at home this week! Well done Jack.

In the Nursery this week we explored using rice, bowls and chopsticks and tracing over Chinese lettering because it was Chinese New Year. We also practised flipping pancakes in frying pans and we made Valentines cards!

Luca has been busy this week doing the Pancake I Spy and practising holding his pencil.

Yasmin is very happy in the first picture because her daddy got her some new traditional Afghanistan clothes! You look wonderful Yasmin. And well done for all of the counting, adding and writing of the letter n!

Look at these photos. Jack has done some wonderful paintings today. I like the way you have used the colours Jack! Well done!

Anna is really enjoying counting and writing this week! Well done Anna!

Look through the slide show below to see all of the work that the children who have been in Nursery have been doing! They have been working hard too! Well done Nursery children.

Yasmin has been busy too! I can see she has been drawing, colouring, counting and writing numbers! What a busy week! Well done!

Murtaza has been busy at home this week completing all the work tasks for Mr Wolf's Pancake! Well done Murtaza.

Ignacy has been busy being creative at home. He has dressed up as a policeman and made a big heart shape!

So lovely to have some pictures from Vienna this week. She has been busy at home, stacking the cups and building with her wooden blocks. Well done Vienna!

Here is some of the work that Amelia has been doing this week. She has done a pancake face, her Mr Wolf counting and Mr Wolf adding! Well done Amelai!

The Nursery was covered in snow too! We went out in the snow and made a snowman and had fun! Watch the slide show to see our photos.

Here is Esme and her brother having fun in the snow. They have made some snow people! Can you spot them?

Some pictures of Murtaza, Yasmin and Ignacy having fun in the snow! If you have any snow photos, send them in and I will put them on the website!

Some pictures of the activities Romero has been doing this week. You look very happy stirring the mixture Romero. I wonder what you were making?!

Jack sent in pictures of his pets too following our story on Wednesday. He has 3 kittens and a cat!

Jack has been working hard practising writing the number 7! And he has even tried to make a shoe out of cardboard!! I think you did a good job Jack! Well done!

Amelia has been working hard on her maths and finding her way through the maze. She has also designed her very own shield! Great work Amelia.

Luca has been busy doing some maths at home this week! Well done Luca.

At the end of the Mog story that I read yesterday I asked you to send in pictures of your pets if you have any. Romero and Ignacy sent in some pictures!

Some pictures of what Yasmin has been doing at home - practising the letter i, finding the way through the maze and repeating picture patterns! Well done Yasmin.

Here is Jack watching the phonics video that we sent out to Nursery children today! I'm pleased that you enjoyed it Jack and I hope you joined in with the actions for the letter sounds!

Some great pencil control from Amelia! Well done for practising holding and using your pencil correctly!

Fantastic work Murtaza! I can see how hard you have tried to write your numbers on the ladybird sheet and the letters too. Well done for continuing the repeating patterns too! Great work Murtaza!

What amazing adding Romero! look how many you did! Very well done!

Some more work from Ignacy today! He has been counting the spots on the ladybirds and writing the numbers and he has done an investigation with some colourful sweets. I cant wait to hear what you did and what happened!

Wow Anna!!!! It look like you have been so busy at home! What excellent work practising your numbers and pencil control! Well done.

Here is a picture of Eslem at the park! Well done Eslem for getting out and trying the swing! I hope you had a fun time.

Some more work from Jack. In these photos Jack has been drawing a picture of a snail! Well done Jack, look how hard you are concentrating in that first picture!

Its great to see some photos from you Leyla! It looks like you have been busy and having fun at home! Well done!

What fantastic work you have been doing at home Georgia. Well done for practising your writing and holding your pencil!

Wow! Look at Jack and his sister making playdough. This is great Jack, well done. I hope you had fun playing with it. You have also been making cakes, they look delicious!

Well done Ignacy, you have done some excellent work with repeating patterns and adding!

Some pictures of Yasmin and Murtaza in the snow!! You both look like you had a fun time!

A fantastic example of pencil control Luca. Well done, keep practising!

Great to see Atarah busy at home! Well done Atarah, it looks like you are having fun doing some colouring in!

Amelia has been busy doing the work from this week. She has done some counting and adding and worked hard on repeating patterns. Great work Amelia!

Some of the pattern work that Anna has been working on for us to see here. Anna has also completed the work where she had to add the first letter to each of the pictures. Her mum said she did it all by herself! Great work Anna.

Here is some of the work that Romero has been doing. He had a go at the counting and adding sheets for this weeks work. Also I can see that Romero went in the snow! How exciting. Did anyone else go in the snow?

What wonderful counting and adding you have done Anna!

Great work Jack! You have worked so hard on using your pencil to follow the lines and to circle the pictures that begin with the letter a. Fantastic!.

Yasmin has been practising writing letters in her new book. I can see how hard you are concentrating in that second picture. Well done Yasmin!

Romero has also made a rocket! You look very happy with your rocket Romero! Well done. I can see you have also been learning about big and small objects and sorting pictures of them. Great job!

Anna has also made a rocket! Is it for the Smeds and Smoos to explore different planets in Anna? Well done!

Anna has sent in a picture of a big and small house which links to the maths for this week of investigating big and small objects. She has also done some drawing and colouring of characters from the story of The Smeds and Smoos. Great work Anna.

Amelia looks hard at work in this picture. She is practising writing numbers and holding her pencil correctly. Fantastic work Amelia!

Here is Murtaza practising writing the letter t, which was our focus letter last week. Great work Murtaza! Keep practising!

Some more pictures form Yasmin. Here she is showing the number practise and pencil control practise she has been doing. Well done Yasmin! You have done a great job!

What brilliant work Jack - well done to you! I love the way you are holding your pencil so well to find all of those letters! The shape tracing is fantastic and it looks like you managed to find all the right parts of The Gruffalo. Thank you so much for sending in your work, everyone at Nursery has really enjoyed seeing how hard you have been working.

Here are some photos from Ignacy showing us all what he has been doing at home. Well done for finding all of the letter a's and for using your pencil so well to follow the line around the apple. You have also tried really hard with writing the numbers too. Well done. It is great to see you using the playdough and doing some creative activities as well. A fantastic job Ignacy - well done to you!

Wow Romero, look at the creature you have drawn! It is so scary! We love your writing, you have done some fantastic letters! Amazing!

Anna has been busy again this week! She has been colouring the pizza shapes, counting and writing numbers and doing a number puzzle. What a lot of Maths you have been doing this week Anna - fantastic!

Aryan sent in some pictures. He has been colouring a dinosaur, painting a rainbow and doing some drawing and writing. This is great work Aryan! Well done!

Here is Jack playing with his cars! You look like you are having great fun Jack. Maybe you could count how many cars you have or talk about your favourite car to your adults at home. Well done Jack, we love to see your pictures.

Romero has been even busier this week. He has watched The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, he has drawn a picture of The Gruffalo and he has worn his Gruffalo Pyjamas!! What a busy week and it's only Tuesday!! Great work Romero.

Yasmin you look so happy in this photo! I am sure it is because you have coloured in the sunflower so well! Great work!

More work from Amelia! This time she has worked hard on colouring in all of the different shapes on the shape pizza! Can you name any of the shapes Amelia? Fantastic work and you have written your name brilliantly too!

I love this picture Amelia, well done! I can see you have been practising your name, shapes, letters and numbers. A great job!

Yasmin and Murtaza have been busy at home practising their pencil control! This is great work both of you! Well done!

Today Anna is writing her letters and numbers! Well done Anna!

This time Romero has been writing his numbers! Well done Romero, I can see you have written numbers all the way to 10! Wow! I can also see you have dressed up as The Gruffalo!

Another photo from Anna! This time she has been reading another Julia Donaldson book, called 'The Gruffalo's Child'. She has also been practising her name at home! Well done Anna! Its great seeing all of your pictures.

Romero has been busy again! This time Romero has been out and collected sticks to make his own Stickman. He has also added some clothes onto the Stickman he made and wrote his name all by himself! Romero watched the film of Stickman too! Well done Romero! You have been so busy learning all about Stickman. Some excellent work - fantastic!

Wow, well done Jesse. You have been busy practising writing your name, such good letters! You have also been busy making cakes at home. I hope you saved some for us in the Nursery! Well done for working so hard. Great job Jesse!

Aryan has been doing his work based on Stickman. He has practised his pencil control and adding. Well done Aryan, this is great work! Thanks for sending it in.

Wow Anna! You have been busy. Everyone at Nursery thinks your Stickman is fantastic and we think your colouring of Stickman and his family is so great! Well done Anna!

Well done Romero. You have been busy at home completing puzzles and doing work in your phonics book! You are a superstar! Great work!