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Whole school class of art

Year 3 used oil pastels to create these stunning pictures of vases in light and shade.

Magnolia class made these beautiful clay pots and painted them in metallic paint for the Bellingham 100 stall. Happy 100th Birthday Bellingham!

Everyone in Reception loves getting stuck into this pavement art activity using brightly coloured chalk!

Cypress class used coloured paper and glue to create these beautiful Roman mosaics.

Year 4 practiced achieving different shades of darkness and light with their pencil, before drawing these fantastic Iron Man pictures.

Year 2 used oil pastel and simple shapes to create their own version of African line art.

Walnut class closely observed a bowl of fruit in order create these wonderful pictures.

Magnolia class looked at traditional Ndbele art and recreated some of the patterns in their own art.

Magnolia class mixed their own sunset shades to paint, and then drew silhouettes of animals and trees on black paper.

Year 3 then created these stunning pictures in the style of Swedish artist Bo Lundberg, using oil pastel and tempura paint.

Year 3's topic was London, so first we made these detail drawings of the Shard in our sketchbooks.

Magnolia class looked at Mark Rothko paintings and then discussed how colours could represent moods. They used oils pastel and chalk to make their own pictures.

Year 2 enjoyed learning about Kandinsky and reproducing his concentric circles.

Year 4’s fabulous sculptures made out of construction paper

Year 2's articulated penguin puppets. Each one has its own character!

Year 4's topic is 'Who do you think you are?' So we drew self portraits and painted them in watercolour. Can you recognise anyone?

These cute and colourful walruses were created by Year 2 using oil pastels.

Year 1 are learning about tropical lands, so we created these beach palm tree pictures out of watercolour paint and black markers.

Year 2 made these beautiful pinch pots out of clay and then painted them in bright colours.

In Year 1 we practised holding the paint brush carefully to paint squares inspired by Paul Klee’s 'Flora on Sand’.

Year 2 learnt about the French artist Henri Matisse and how he liked to make pictures out of paper cut outs. We looked at his famous picture 'The Snail' and then used coloured paper to make our own versions.

Detailed dragon's eyes drawn and painted in water colour by Year 2

Year 4 came to the art room to learn about onomatopoeia and Pop art. POW!

Reception had great fun making their fluorescent firework prints to celebrate Diwali. Happy Diwali 2022 everyone!

Practising brush control and learning about abstract artist Paul Klee, in Year 4

As part of diversity month, Year 2 are learning about Japanese culture, so we looked at Japan’s most famous artwork Hokusai’s The Great Wave. The results were outstanding! Well done Year 2!

Y4 Masai inspired art in black and white.

The result was royally fantastic! Well done Year 6!

Year 6 came to the Art room to work on their Queen collages

Year 5 looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky and they created these stunning abstract paintings.

Its so great to have a dedicated Art room. The children love coming here and say it is a very relaxing space

What a fantastic start to the new academic year! Welcome to the new Art room!