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Splash, Anna Hibiscus!

Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa - and today she is going to the beach with her family. The laughing waves are splashing! Who will splash with...

Talk Time: How does Anna feel at the beginning of the story. Can you remember a time when you went to the beach? If you haven’t been to the beach imagine what it might be like? What did you hear? What did you see? What do you like doing? What do you take with you? What does it feel like walking on the sand? Think about the sand tray if you haven’t been to the beach. What does it feel like splashing in the sea? Think about playing in the water tray.  What’s fun about playing in the waves?

Writing & Phonics: Can you make a list of things you would take to the beach. Can you write a postcard to someone in your family about your time at the beach or can you write a letter to Anna asking her what Africa is like? And also can you to tell Anna what this country is like? When you have written the letters, please take a photo and send it to

Thank you! Miss F