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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Working From Home - Week Beginning 16.11.20

Thank you to those of you that managed to join me in the meeting today. It was lovely to see you - well done for managing to log on. You can use Microsoft Teams to message me and each other (remember I will be able to see your messages). I will schedule another meeting for next week. I will try and add work too but remember I will still put work as I have done on the class pages. If you have completed the Arithmetic and Reasoning Tests find the answers below. Have a lovely weekend:)

Friday 20th November 2020


Good morning Baobab Class. I hope you are all well and remaining positive during our first week in self-isolation? It was lovely to speak and catch up with some of you yesterday. Thank you to Leon who has already completed and sent some of the Wellbeing activities that I set on Wednesday. Check out in Maths those of you that have been promoted in Big Maths - congratulations! The activities that need to be completed today are:-

Maths - Arithmetic and Reasoning Test

English - GPS and Comprehension (I have included a spelling website which is excellent for practising your spellings).

Wellbeing - What Went Well?

It's Anti-Bullying week and Odd Socks Day please check out what Elfrida children and teachers will be doing to demonstrate support.




I hope that you will be able to join me today on TEAMS meeting at 12.30pm. I am really looking forward to seeing and speaking to you (we're the first class to use this in our school) this afternoon. Thank you to Mamadu, Poppy and Kevin who have already logged in. 



Good news Baobab Class - the amazing Mr Black has been able to sort out the problem I had with Microsoft Teams and so I have sent a message to you all about joining me tomorrow Friday 20th at 12.30! Please could you check that your username and password work by replying to my message. Below is the icon for Teams that you need to click (it's on the left side of the screen). Once you clicked that it should come up with Baobab and then you click on that. If you have any trouble logging in please ask your parent/carer or you can email me on  (web address)

Thursday 19th November 2020


Good morning Baobab - I hope you are all well? I am really missing all of you! I hope you are all in good spirits and using Mindfulness and Wellbeing to try and stay positive and focused on whatever you are doing. I've included an Alphabet Exercise activity in the PE folder - remember the importance of being active everyday (keeping the brain healthy and releasing endorphins)!

As promised I managed to send all your parents/carers the website, usernames and passwords for Microsoft TEAMS. I was hoping to schedule a meeting for tomorrow however I have run into a slight problem and so I have emailed Mr Black and hopefully he will get back to me today and help me solve it. Sorry!


In the meantime please check out the activities that are set up for today Maths, English and Art. You can also pick one of the Wellbeing activities (remember these are ongoing). 


Have a lovely day and I hope to be speaking to you tomorrow.




Good morning Baobab Class and Happy Wellbeing Wednesday. I hope you are all okay and managing to find time to do the school activities and find time to do the things that you enjoy even though you are self-isolating. As I mentioned yesterday I had a Zoom meeting with Mr Black and he has explained how I can use Microsoft Teams to speak to you, set work and collect it. I didn't appreciate that it could do much more than that. You will be able to speak to each other as well. I'm quite excited about trying it out.

During today and tomorrow I will be either texting or emailing your parents/carers and giving them your usernames and passwords. Please check with them by the end of today and tomorrow to see if they have received them.

Then hopefully on Friday I would like to set up a meeting with those of you that have access to a laptop or computer (unfortunately it doesn't work on Kindles). I will confirm later in the week.

Please check the activities that are set out for today, Wellbeing, English, Maths and PE. Thank you to Stephen who emailed me and said he was enjoying the activities. Have a fabulous Wellbeing Wednesday and I'll speak to you soon.

Tuesday 17th November 2020


Good morning Baobab Class - I hope you are all well? I am working with Mr Black today to install TEAMS Classrooms with Microsoft on my laptop. This means that I will be able to set work and collect it back all online and at some point this week I will be able to hold a meeting with you as well (exciting)!


I hope you are enjoying the activities that are set out in our timetable. Please check the above (Wellbeing, English, Maths, PE and Diversity) to see what are you are supposed to be doing each day).


I'm looking forward to seeing the work that you have completed. Please ensure that you do this. Even though we are self-isolating your education is still very important and we want to continue the hard work that you have been doing in school. 



Have a lovely day!



Big Maths

Remember to complete your Big Maths this week. Well done to Mariatu (who has completed hers)

and Gracie who has completed Clic.

Dear Parent/Carers,


Today, you will have received news that Baobab Class has to go into self-isolation for 14 days due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19.  I am aware that this will be a stressful time for you and your child but please be reassured that we will do everything we can to keep you informed. 


Please find a timetable of activities for your child to do during this time. I have tried to keep to a normal school day so that your child will have some routine and continuity. If your child needs paper or a book to do their work please let the school know and we will make sure that these are available for you to pick up.


Most of the activities are online. If your child does not have access to the internet please can you let me know via the class email address ( and we will endeavour to send you homework packs.


One of the websites we use in class is called Go Noodle - please can you sign-up (it's free) so your child can access the activities.


Please check the class page each day as I will put work on for that day (if it's not an online activity which I have already included on the timetable) for example the Wellbeing Wednesday activity.


Thank you for your help during this time. Please let me know via the email if you have any questions or concerns and I will ring or email you on the same day.


I hope you and your family stay well.


Mrs Williams

Year 6 Teacher.