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Jacaranda - Year 3

Welcome to the Summer Term


Unbelievably, the children are now in their last term of Year 3!  I am sure you will agree that the year has flown past.  


This term, the children will be learning about Ancient Egypt in history, Plants in science, and rules and responsibilities in RE; they will be learning lots more too.  This term we are planning some exciting trips - more to follow shortly.

Curriculum Letter

Year 3 Trips!

We have booked 2 trips for Year 3 this term:


Wonderlab at the Science museum:  Monday 12th June for both classes


Greenwich Eco Park:  Monday 10th July for Maple class

                                    Tuesday 11th July for Jacaranda class


Our trip to the Wonderlab will involve interactive, hands on science investigations.  At the Eco Park, the children will have hands-on morning tour of the park.  Followed by 3 activities looking at the local wildlife.


Please make sure you sign the permission slip and pay for the trips via parent pay which will be active from after school Friday 12th May.


You can find a copy of the letter with the permission slip below.


Thank you smiley

Trip letter and permission slip

Ancient Egypt

The children are thoroughly enjoying learning about Ancient Egypt.  Last week, they had a great time learning about the process of mummification.  They loved all the gory details, especially hooking the brain out through the nose!


Working in groups, the children mimed mummifying a 'body'.  They had great fun.

The King's Coronation

In honour of King Charles III's coronation, Maple class had great fun making and decorating crowns to wear whilst watching the coronation.

Welcome to Jacaranda Class

Welcome to the Spring Term in Jacaranda Class.  This term our topic is all about London through the Years.  Our history will be focusing on The Great Plague, which the children are loving so far.  We will be linking our DT to the Great Plague as the children will be designing and making humane rat catchers.  Watch this space for their fantastic work.

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Ramadan Mubarak

Jacaranda class would like to wish all who are observing Ramadan a Ramadan Kareem and a Ramadan Mubarak.  Enjoy your celebrations.

Science Week One

We are all celebrating science week over two weeks this year at Elfrida!  Year 3 have been combining their science activities with literacy.  They have carried out two investigations this week: Fantastic Fingerprints and a bread investigation, which will be ongoing until the end of term.


After carrying out each activity, they have written a set of instructions for others to use to carry out the same activities.  Lots of learning has been happening along the way and the children have been able to add in extra information in their instructions in order to try and prevent any mistakes they made during their investigation. 


Fantastic Finger Prints


Year 3 got to be crime scene investigators and learnt how to take  finger prints and used 3 different powders to try to find out which would result in the best finger print.  They discovered it wasn't as straight forward and easy as it seemed from the instructions!  They all thoroughly enjoyed the investigation and were more confident when writing their instructions after having followed a set of instructions and were able to add in extra detail as a result of their experience.


Bread Investigation


In this investigation, the children were in groups of three.  Each child had a completely untouched piece of bread and a sealable sandwich bag.  One child touched the bread and put it straight into their bag and sealed it.  Another child washed their hands with soap, and then, without touching anything else, touched the bread and sealed it in their bag.  The third child washed their hands with hand sanitizer, touched their bread and also sealed it in their bag.


The children are now checking their bread each day to see what, if anything, will happen to the different pieces of bread.  Photographs of any changes to follow!

Fantastic Fingerprints

World Book Day 2023

Year 3 have been celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as characters from a book.  They have chosen a wide variety of characters and made the school look very colourful today.

Year 3 had a fantastic story telling session with Phil from Wizard Stories.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed creating a brand new, never told before story about a witch, called Jean, and her antics at Elfrida school.  There was lots of laughter and screaming at the gruesome details.


After the session, the children wrote their own versions inspired by the story created together during the session with Phil.  Ask your child/children to tell you their story

Welcome to Jacaranda Class 


All the children are settling in well and beginning to get used to being back in school.  Our class rules have been established and routines have been set in place.

Autumn Term Curriculum

Diversity Month


During diversity month, Year 3 will be learning about The Yoruba culture.  They started off learning about Yorubaland and the countries it spans.  They have learnt how to say 'Hello' (Enle) in Yoruba.  In addition, they have found out that the Yoruba people place great importance and respect when greeting each other, especially when greeting elders.


After looking at Nigerian masks, the children have used these to inspire their ideas to make their own masks.


Photographs to follow.  Watch this space...

Making our Masks

Music - Recorders


The children are making progress with their recorder playing; they now understand some musical notation.  They are able to read this in order to play a simple tune.  All children should be able to identify the following notes and know how many beats to play them for: crotchet, minim and semibreve.  The children have also been taught that there are 4 beats to a bar.


Below is the tune they have been learning to play: 

Music - Recorders


Year 3 have had their second recorder lesson now and are thoroughly enjoying it.  All children have learnt how to hold a recorder correctly and can play the note B

Bow Arts


This week (9th November) Year 3 had their fourth Bow Arts session.  They began with finishing off the amulets they made from clay last week.  They used metallic paints to decorate them.


They also began to make plaits with three strands of wool to hang their amulets from.  They will be finishing off their plaits next week.


Below are some photographs of them painting, some of their finished amulets and their plaits.

Bow Arts


This week (2nd November) Year 3 had their third Bow Arts session.  The focus this week was on bravery.  The children designed their own bravery amulets and then made them out of clay.  There was lots of fun and mess!!  Next week, the children will be using metallic paint to finish off their amulets.


Below are some of their designs and the making of their amulets.

Bow Arts


This week, Year 3 had their second session out of a 10 week project with Bow Arts.  


The second session was focused around the story, Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival. After reading the story, the children used soft pastels to represent their worry.


They then went on to think about what things worried them and how they could turn their worries into something wonderful by saying, 'What if...'


Bow Arts

Our topic this term is The Stone Age 


This term we will be learning all about the stone age era.  We will be focusing on their way of life, looking at cave paintings from this time as well as the farming community of Skara Brae.  

In history, Year 3 have been looking at Stone Age cave paintings and thinking about what they tell us about live during the Stone Age.  They have also been learning about hunters and gatherers and the kind of weapons they may have used.  They have been identifying what would be classed as an asset and/or a threat to the Stone Age people.  


After studying some examples of cave paintings the children have created their own cave paintings.  To begin with, they stained a piece of paper to make it look old and stone like.  Once it was dry, they used soft pastels to create a Stone Age scene for their cave painting.  Here are some examples below:

Spelling and handwriting

Literacy - The Magic Bed


Year 3 have been learning The Magic Bed story by heart.  In order to help them remember the story, they have created their own story maps and have been adding actions for the main points and for the punctuation marks.  Here are some examples of their story maps:

Maths Investigation

The Dot

Cards for the Queen

The Colour Monsters Feelings Jars



Ms Fitch is looking forward to seeing you on your first day back on:

Monday 5th September. 


Your teacher will meet you in the yr 3/4  playground on the day. Remember to arrive in your school uniform for an 8:45am start.


We look forward to seeing you then!