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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Whole school class of art

Hello my name is Ms. Green and this is my new web page which I am very excited about!

I look forward to sharing with you as much of the amazing art that's being done around the school as I can.

This is especially important at the moment whilst, due to Covid, we are unable to invite parents in for assemblies and special events.

Which means that you don't get to see all the magnificent work being done here sadly.

So this page is an attempt to redress this. Watch this space!! 

email me at



In Reception, we made some pavement art using chalk and masking tape.

In Alder class, we finally got to paint our pots!

In year 2, they are working from the nook ‘Lila and the Rain’, so we did some African art

Year 4 are studying the Romans, so Cypress class made these tremendous mosaics.

These astronaut pictures really are out of this world! Well done Alder class. Fantastic work!

Year 5 are learning about the Sun and Moon, so it was an excellent opportunity to paint these stunning sun/moon pictures using oil pastels and watercolours.

Year 5 are also learning about the vikings, so Alder class drew these fantastic Longships.

Amazing pottery day in Beech class!

Year 3 looked at paintings by American artist Georgia O'Keefe. They then painted their own brilliant versions using water colour and oil pastel.

Year 2 were learning about hot and cold colours. They made a paper collages out of cold colours.

Year 6 learnt about famous weaver Anni Albers, then wove their own masterpieces using a cardboard loom.

Year 4 really enjoyed learning how to use oil pastels to mono print today. It’s magic! Look at the fantastic results!

Year one looked at some paintings by Piet Mondrian and then made their own, using primary colours.

Ahh...School is back and I’m so pleased to be back teaching Art again!

Just look at these fabulous coil pots we made in Sequoia class.

Year 5 are studying ancient Greece, so we looked at classical pottery and compared it with modern day potters like Grayson Perry. Then we worked on our own clay coil pots. These will be ready to be painted soon!

Competition winners!


Hi everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.

I have decided I’m not sure if I really like competitions anymore because there has to be a winner, and when there’s a winner everyone else feels a bit sad because they haven’t won. But I don’t want any of you to feel disappointed. You are all so wonderful.

Opening up my mailbox and seeing your work each day has been the highlight of my lockdown and I am continually amazed by your talent. Some of your work has moved me so much with its sheer brilliance it has even inspired me in my own art.

 I can see that everyone who entered tried their absolute best and succeeded in making a truly beautiful picture. I sincerely wish I could give each of you a prize, and I must say, choosing was practically impossible for me, I even had to ask some of my artist friends to vote.


Please, please can you all bring your pictures in to me as soon as you come back to school. 🍊🍏🍒🍋🍎🍇

I am going to make a stunning display so that anyone who visits the school knows that at

Elfrida we are artists!  


The winners are:

KS1                    Belle  (Sycamore) and Callie (Magnolia)

Lower KS2         James (Jacaranda) and Jasmine (Silver Birch)

Upper KS2         Tamira (Alder)  and Lily (Beech)


Congratulations! You can collect your prize from Monday 1st of March from the school office.


email me at

I am already receiving outstanding entries to the still life fruit competition. Elfrida, you are amazing! Keep sending me your brilliant work.

Fantastic entries from KS1

Stunning entries from lower KS2

Outstanding entries from Upper KS2

email me at

January competition winners!

Come and collect your prizes!

It’s been so incredibly hard try to chose the winners for the competition. I’ve had so many brilliant entries and I have been so impressed with you all. In my eyes you are all winners, but I did have to choose and basically the winners pictures were ones I just kept wanting to look at again and again.

The winners can collect their prizes from Monday 8th February. I will leave them in the office with your names on them. I will also post the results on your class pages on Teams.

If you didn’t win this time, please be aware it was very, very close. A very special highly commended goes to Stephen, Ruby-Leigh, Simran, Flora, Lily, Tamira, Kaiden, Reniya, Ariana, Belle and Nick

Please make sure to enter my next completion. I will post details on here and in assignments on Teams, shortly. Well done everyone, you are amazing! ❤️🎨

Winners in Collage


KS1                   Adil.                   (Cedar)

Lower KS2.       Nye.                   (Cypress)

Upper KS2.       Harley-Marie.    (Sequoia)


Winners in Biro /pencil drawing


KS1                   Igbunu             (Magnolia)             

Lower KS2.       Gaby                (Silver Birch)

Upper KS2.       Zahra               (Mahogany)




Be inspired by the wonderful Elfrida artists! Scroll up for competition details!

I get so excited opening my mail box and discovering your brilliant work. Well done everyone!

At Elfrida, we are artists!

More wonderful art from Elfrida artists. I am so impressed with you all. Well done everyone! keep sending me your amazing work! 🎨

I have received some incredible entries to the competition already!!! There’s still plenty of time to enter everyone, so get busy!

These wonderful collages using paint and newspaper came from the children who are still attending school. Well done the year 4 bubble!

These are the fantastic collages made by children in the year 3 bubble. Well done everyone!

Enter one of the competitions below for a chance to win art related prizes or simply just send me any art work you have done, or questions about art to



We're beginning to feel a bit festive in Year 5. These beautiful winter light pictures were created using oil pastel and chalk on black paper.

Alder class followed up on the pen and ink drawings, with some wonderful block printing. Everyone really enjoyed the process and the results were stunning!

Year 5 are studying the book "Floodland" by Marcus Sedgwick, so we made these dramatic pictures using ink and water with water colour paint.

Reception were exploring primary colours. They mixed the three primary colours to make make new colours, and recorded them on these fabulous wavy line paintings. Can you name the primary colours? How about the secondary colours?

Year 3 looked at Cubist paintings and then created their own representations of London. Can you guess the famous London landmarks that inspired them?

Happy Bonfire night from Acacia class! We used fluorescent paint and glitter to make these fun fireworks pictures.

A huge well done to those six from each class that made to the final display board. I'm so sorry we didn't have room for you all! Can you spot yourself?

Diversity Awareness display in the main hall

I'm so incredibly proud of the whole school for their hard work in making this display happen.

At Elfrida, we are artists!

A lot of work went into finding the correct skin tones...

For Diversity Awareness month, the whole school as been working on self portraits. We've been mixing skin tones out of primary colours and studying the proportions of the face. I will be assembling highlights from each class for a giant display in the main hall (photos to come) but here's a sneaky peak..

...And here's a fantastic selection from Alder class!

Year 4 used oil pastels and water colour paint to create these beautiful flowers. They were then used to create stunning displays that adorn the corridor.

Year 3 created these super "I am" posters. It was really nice discovering more about each other. Everyone enjoys reading about their friends!

Stunning "I am" pictures from Alder class.

Year 3 explored patterns using oil pastel relief technique. It was a really fun activity and the results were very effective.