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Phase 2 Robin

Click on the videos below to watch, learn, join in & enjoy a love of phonics!

ELS: Phase 2 pronunciation

Essential Letters and Sounds or ELS is a synthetic phonics programme we use at Elfrida Primary School for learning to read. In this video you can hear the pronunciation of the phase 2 sounds.
Press play and you can all practice your sounds. Enjoy!

Phase 2 Phonics Skills: sounds, blending & sentence reading.

Practise your sounds.
Blend them together to read the words.
Then read the phase 2 sentences at the end.
Keep practising and you will be a Phonics Whizz! 🧡Phonics

CVC WORDS Segmenting & Blending Short Vowel Sounds a, e, i, o, u. 🐝 A Phonics Whizz!

Join me to segment & blend CVC words using the short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u E.G: b u g ➡️ bug.
We will go through my CVC bag of objects and you have to help by segmenting the sounds (phonemes) to build the words.
These words also use all the alphabet so j, v, x, y & z from phase 3 are used too.
Love Phonics!

CVC Word Building, Sounding & Writing the beginning letters of phase 2

Join me for a lesson, as we look at the letters a, i, m, n, o, p, s & t.
We will say the sounds, sound out the word, write the word & check it✅
CVC word building, sounding out, writing & reading.
Have something to write with & on.
Love Phonics!