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Beech Class - Year 5

Summer 2 2022

Pizza Express

Beech Class went on a trip to Pizza Express in Beckenham and then ate their pizza's in the park. Each child made their own pizza, kneading the dough and adding their toppings. The staff at the restaurant took the children around the kitchen to see how they store their food, also getting to try ingredients. A few children had a go at throwing the dough, however was not brave enough to go very high. All pizzas made it to the park without being dropped and even though it was cold, we all enjoyed eating the pizza in the park. A good run around also to burn it off in the lovely weather England is currently having. What a fab day out! 

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes - Ms Power's Group

DT - Finished pieces!


Here are the final Solar System models. The children have taken their time and great care making these, the imagination gone into these models is amazing! Above are some pictures and below is a video showing how Beech class made the models move.


Still image for this video


Beech Class had a workshop with people from The National Portrait Gallery, drawing famous people born in Lewisham. Ms Green, who is in charge of Art and DT subjects, was able to invite two members to come into Elfrida. They taught the Year 5 children about drawing portraits and the skills they need to make their drawings look real. You can see by the children's hands how serious they were with blending colours together and creating magnificent pieces of art. We believe that they deserve a place in the Gallery, sure you will too!



Still image for this video

Summer 1 2022

Queen's Jubilee

Elfrida School wanted the children to celebrate the Queen being on the first British Monarch to be on the throne for over 70 years. We all came into school wearing the colours red, white or blue for this special event in history, Beech class also had a party to make it even more rememberable. 


Beech class were making models of the solar system using recycled materials. They worked hard and focused, which you can see in the photographs as well as the finished pieces. Well done!

P.E sessions in Beech Class.

Beech Class were playing Follow The Leader, in their indoor P.E session. They split up into 5 groups and had a certain amount of time on each section before the Teacher blew a whistle, the groups would then move to the next section, each getting a chance on the apparatus in the hall. A lesson not to be missed!


Art & DT

Beech Class had a go at making their own Greek pots out of clay, as you can see there are lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. It was messy and fun!

Year 5 Summer Curriculum Letter

Here are some more pictures from last week's Science week.

Science week. Beech class designed and investigated Birdfeeders. We then put them on a tree outside of our classroom to see if any birds ate from them


Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Spring Spellings Year 5

Welcome To The Year 5 Christmas Production!

scene 1

First scene of the play Away with the Manger. Year 5 production

Scene 2

Hiding In The School...

Scene 3

The Nativity!

Scene 4

All Caught Out!

End songs

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Year 5 Curriculum Map Autumn 1

Welcome to Beech's class pagelaugh

Your teacher is: Ms Mullarkey



Important information for children returning in September:


On Thursday 2nd September children will be returning to school.



The gates on Elfrida crescent  will open at 8.45am and your child can come to school anytime between 8.45 and 9am using the yr 5/6 gate.  We are asking parents to stay outside school each morning.

Gates will be locked at 9am and you will need to bring your child to the main office to have them booked in.


Parents and carers of Yr  5 

Parents will be allowed in at 3.20pm. The children will be ready for collection at 3.25pm.

Parents will be allowed onto the school site to collect their children from the yr 5/6 playground.

Parents will be allowed to walk through the playgrounds to collect children from other year groups once on site.


Staff and sign posts will be present to navigate you to the correct playgrounds.


See you in September!